First Look: Venture Bros. Mego Prototypes

Bif Bang Pow! debuted six Mego Doll prototypes for Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros. at Toy Fair 2010 in New York. Photos of the prototypes were later published on The prototypes received mix reactions from fans online. Fans called out details to expression, body type, attire, tailoring and craftsmanship. Among the six prototypes, The Monarch was the favorite, followed by henchmen 24 and Dr. Venture. Least favored was Dean Venture and Brock Samson. These Mego Dolls are not the final product. What do you think of the prototypes so far? Join the conversation! Post your comments below!

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  1. Sailor Tweek February 18, 2010

    I LOVE them! They look like megos straight out of the 1980s. The goofy mix of cloth and plastic crack sme up. The sculpts are pretty good. Brock needs ot look a little more menacing and not so “I’m so bored to be here”. Dean’s face…I can’t decide if I like it or not. It fits his character, but he’s a little more cheerful on the show than he is “Goomer Pyle” on this mego. I enjoy “smug Dr Venture” more than the pouty doll version.

    I cannot wait to see the finnished product on store shleves! THANK YOU SO MUCH for Venture Action Figures! We fans and the creators have always wanted them!

  2. I thought the Dr. Venture sculpt was the most accurate, though the speedsuit is awful. Is it made out of velour? It’s too bulky so he doesn’t have the right scrawny build.

    The Monarch sculpt isn’t quite as good, though he’s the best overall. His wings look a bit small.

    I think the Dean sculpt is good, but it’s a pretty goofy expression. I hope they were just testing materials for his clothes, because the colors are completely wrong.

    21 and 24 are so-so. Nothing really stands out as good or bad about them.

    Brock is just awful though. His features are too rounded, not angular like the show. It looks like someone tried to sculpt The Tick minus his costume and with a mullet. He’s very out of proportion. Head’s too big, no neck, legs and arms are too short. He also needs a tailor to take in those baggy pants.

  3. Brock’s chin rivals Jay Leno’s and I don’t like it. I’m not in love with Rusty’s expression either. But I really like the Monarch and 24.

  4. Venture Fan February 18, 2010

    I understand that they are trying to go retro on this Mego toy line. But I think there are some real limitations with the body type. Most Mego doll types are standard super hero bodies. Henchmen 21 who is supposed to be fat has a skinny body and scrawny neck!

    I agree with Sailor Tweek, Brock’s expression is boring… almost sleepy. Dean has this weird “O” face on.

    Craftsmanship is a big deal. Brock is wearing some baggy-ass pants! Dr. Venture’s speed suite could use some tailoring.

    Doc Venture and The Monarch are my favorite!

  5. FULL OF WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorites are the Henchmen & the Monarch!

    Can’t wait to see Doctor Girlfriend, H.E.L.P.eR., Dr. & Triana Orpheus, Molotov Cocktease and the rest!

    Fingers crossed for a David Bowie figure too!

  6. Bernadette February 18, 2010

    Finally I get to play w/The Monarch and not just dream about playing with him.

  7. Don’t like them at all. I thought we were getting, you know, actual action figures, not rehashed Megos. The style would work great for the elder Dr. Venture’s team, as retro merchandise, but for Rusty’s crew? Not really. Big disappointment. All of us at OAFEnet were super excited for VB toys, but now? Now it’s just money we don’t have to spend…


  8. Author

    RE: yo go re

    The Mego Dolls is just a third of what Bif Bang Pow! has promised Venture fans. According to a press release, they’ll be making Mego dolls, bobble heads, action figures and vehicles.

    Sounds like a tall order. Venture fans want well made toys faithful to the show! I will pay hansom ransom for quality.

  9. Great comments. Please remember that the images you see are all prototypes and are subject to change (and improvement). We didn’t have time to make all of the changes prior to Toy Fair. These will be made in compliance with the show creators before production. And stay tuned, because this scale is just the first of other action figure sizes planned. So if you’re not interested in these, you’ll have plenty of opportunities in the future.

  10. Sailor Tweek February 18, 2010

    “These will be made in compliance with the show creators before production” You know, I should have realized this. Especially since Jackson and Doc had talked for years about wanting toys. They seem to be the kind of people who really care about what their characters look like.

    I think these are terrific for prototypes! I cannot wait to see the end result and everything else you all have to offer! ^_^ Keep up the good work! AND THANK YOU for the responses!

  11. Author

    I think these are a great starting point! It’s good to know that Bif Bang Pow! is listening to the fans!

  12. @BifBangPow The eyebrows on Dr. Venture and Dean Venture are supposed to be BLACK. Dean’s eyebrows are too thick. Doc’s eyebrows are could use an adjustment.

    I am excited to see more from this toy line! I heart Bif Bang Pow! More power to you! <3

  13. We are listening and please keep the feedback coming… Also, please pre-order today so that you can have yours on the first shipment! Head on over to our website for ordering info (we won’t charge your card until the items ship).

  14. wampachow February 19, 2010

    First, let me say I LOVE the Dude and the Twilight Zone figures. I will definitely be ordering those. I will probably cave and order the Ming figure even though I’m not a huge FG fan. Since you’re keeping an eye on this blog, I’d like to comment on all of your MEGO-type figures.

    Venture Bros:

    Monarch – As most people are saying, the best of the set. Great headsculpt and costume.

    21 – Pretty good headsculpt. Costume doesn’t seem as detailed as the Monarch. His neck is too long – he probably shouldn’t even have a neck due to his tubbiness.

    24 – Headsculpt seems better than 21, but maybe only because of the neck issue. For some reason 24’s costume seems better. Maybe 21’s head isn’t proportioned correctly?

    Dean – Headsculpt is pretty accurate, but I really don’t like the expression on his face. He looks like a Monarch Dart got shoved up where the sun don’t shine. I’d like to see either a more neutral expression or a sugary-sweet happy face. Costume and watch are great.

    Rusty – Great headsculpt/expression. Like the pocket-protector. The fabric for the speedsuit seems too bulky. If you look a photos of the figure from the waist-up, he seems to be wearing a robe or smoking jacket (probably great material for Orpheus!). I think a thinner fabric along with a lighter, redder shade of your current color would be a huge improvement.

    Brock – My most favorite character, my least favorite figure. I would not purchase him in the current incarnation. The headsculpt is completely off. His facial features need to be more angular and chiseled, and his eyes should be more intense than dull. You did great work with the expressiveness of the eyes on the other VB figures. His clothes should have a tighter fit (I don’t know if there’s a happy medium between his current costume and the superhero tights.) I think because his arms are so thick, and the elbow joints are so close to his sleeves, his arms look very stubby. Overall, he doesn’t look tough and menacing, just kind of lunkheadish. I do like the watch and the knife.

    On to the other lines – (I hope no one minds I’m posting this on a VB site, please scroll on if you aren’t interested.)

    Big Lebowksi – I love the Dude. Great headscuplt and fabrics – instantly says “El Duderino.” Hoping he comes with sunglasses? Also would like to see him in the robe/shorts costume too.

    Twilight Zone – Love all four of these, especially the Kanamit and the Gremlin. The B&W color palette look great, headsculpts are spot-on, and the fabrics are perfect. These are your best figures of the bunch at Toy Fair.

    LOST – Although I was most excited about the VB figures, the LOST figures were a close second. However I think they need major changes. If they were released as is, I would not order them, and I would want to see photos of the final product before I pre-ordering them. The headsculpts are just not good; I wish they could be as great as the TZ figures, or at least as good as the Dude and Ming. If you were going for a more abstract style for the headsculpts, it just isn’t working; they are creepy, uncanny and too angular, and seem too large for their bodies. Any other criticism of body and costume are minor compared to simply making good headsculpts.

    Ben – The weakest headsculpt of the bunch. The likeness is not accurate, and even though he is a creepy character, he shouldn’t be this creepy. The blood spots on his head are very distracting and look like horns. I generally like the costume, but the striped-shirt instantly read prisoner. I was trying to find a reference pic for the costume, but couldn’t. I’ve seen him in that same vest with a dirty-brown shirt, which I think would fit his character more.

    Locke – Uncanny, angular headsculpt. Head seems too big. Other than his pants riding a little high, the costume works really well.

    Hurley – Hair and stubble are good, face is not very accurate (but not as creepy as some of the others). I know Hurley is fat, but his upper body is far too fat compared to his lower. I would err on the side of too skinny, and let the headsculpt communicate the chubbiness. His costume is great.

    Jacob – When I saw Jacob and the MIB (after having seen the other three), I felt more encouraged about the line. I like the headsculpt, though his head seems a little big and neck too long, and I like the costume.

    Man in Black – Again, much better headsculpt than the first three. Big head and long neck still. The shiny fabric for MIB’s pants are shiny and look like Dockers. Something similar to Ben’s pants might work better.

    For me, headsculpts are key. Looking at the Star Trek Mego repros, I was impressed with how they were able to capture the actors’ likenesses without using extreme detail. If the LOST figures can be more like the ST figures or your great TZ figures, I will instantly order them.

    I hope my comments aren’t perceived as hurtful or overly-critical. I’m not trying to be mean – you have licenses for my most favorite shows of all-time and I want to like and buy your toys! The VB, TZ and Dude figures are definitely worth ordering, and I really, really want the LOST figures to be worth it too. (Although I have to be careful because I may end up buying all the DC and Star Trek repros too.)

    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to comment and for listening to what us fans have to say. Keep up the good work!!!

  15. In addition to what’s been said…

    I would go as far to say all the heads, except the Monarch’s and 24’s, could use some retooling. I think rather than trying to capture an iconic expression, a “straight face” would look better, like the heads the flash in the opening credits. And 21 definitely needs to trade neck’s with 24.

    Also with the Henchman, I think if you are going to have hard plastic boots, their gloves should match. I realize this would make the balljoint wrist difficult, but its just a thought. Also I think their Tunic’s should be fabric, the hard plastic chestplates looks strange.

    A great start though!

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