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The Venture Bros. ‘Pinstripes & Poltergeists’ Preview – Season 4.1 Finale

Adult Swim has posted the promo for the final episode of this half of season four, Pinstripes & Poltergeists. In […]

Colonel Gentlemen’s Toy List

During the events of Twenty Years to Midnight the Venture boys find Colonel Gentleman seemingly dead. The Venture boys searched […]

The Venture Bros. ‘The Better Man’ Preview

On the next episode of The Venture Bros., a hell beast is unleashed upon the Order of the Triad, putting […]

The Venture Bros: Mad About Mid-Century

Dr. Venture: The Egg. It is the symbol of creation and since your age it has hatched all of my […]

Adult Swim – Finer Things ’09 Fall Collection

Graduate to the life of elegance you always knew you’d attain but didn’t know would come from buying products on […]