Fan Art

My New Monarch Tattoo

Having a Monarch logo as a tattoo is probably nothing new among Venture Bros fans, but the placement however, could […]

Venture Is Coming Tonight at Midnight

We love Game of Thrones! It’s spectacular, but how can we make it better? Just add Venture Bros cosplay! Check […]

Brock Samson Fighting the Kraken

Unleash the Kraken! C’mon! Y’know that ran through your head when read this post title! Check out this illustration from […]

The Journal of Venture Studies Volume Two

Since the publication of JoVS Volume I in February 2013, the field of Venture Studies is burgeoning. This volume focuses […]

Venture Bros. by Chandra Free

This week, we showcase Venture Bros. fan art by Chandra Free. A long-time fan of the show, she has illustrated […]