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New York Comic-Con Convention Panel 2009

Doc Hammer, Jackson Publick and Michael Sinterniklaas braved the crowds at the New York Comic Con to answer fans’ questions about the death of 24, the origins of Dr. Killinger and which of their characters they would most like to have sex with.

San Diego Comic-Con Convention Panel 2009

Venture Bros. creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer are joined by James Urbaniak (voice of Dr. Venture), Mike Sinterniklaas (voice of Dean) and Jon Schnepp (director of Metalocalypse) to relieve tension about which non-Venture characters make appearances in Season 4.

Dragon*Con 2009 Convention Panel 2009

Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer brave the crowds at Dragon Con to talk about the impending release of Season 4, the lives and times of the Orpheus Family and the outcome of the most ridiculous fantasy fight of all time.


A handful of moments from past convention panels that feature show creators and fans sharing their love of tension.

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