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Brock Samson 3-3/4 Inch Action Figure

brock samson prototype

Revealed at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con are prototypes of the Venture Bros. 3-3/4″ action figures by Bif Bang Pow. The figures are about the same size as Star Wars action figures and come with a character accessories. The prototypes include Brock Samson, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch and the Venture Brothers, Hank and Dean Venture.

We later learned in our interview with Bif Bang Pow, that the action figures were not green lit and production hinged greatly on audience interest and pre-orders. Pre-orders for the figures opened last August, followed by rallying support from the network and online communities.

After months of uncertainty, Bif Bang Pow and Entertainment Earth finally confirmed toy production yesterday. Leading BBP’s Venture Bros. toy line is Brock Samson with trademark knife and mullet. Bif Bang Pow anticipates the Brock Samson figure will ship after San Diego Comic-Con, late July or early August 2012.

So far, only Brock Samson is confirmed for toy production and your pre-order for these Venture characters has never been more important! Bif Bang Pow needs to hit a certain number of pre-orders before production can begin on the rest of the figures.

Pre-order the figures at Entertainment Earth or ask your favorite comic and toy shops to order the figures for their store. Your credit card will not be charged until the figures arrive later this year and then you’ll have been part of Venture Brothers history!


Happy Birthday, Entertainment Earth!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

On April 1, 1996, Entertainment Earth opened its virtual doors, and since then we’ve sold hundreds of thousands of amazing licensed items from Star Wars action figures to Dexter bobble heads to Star Trek prop replicas. It has been our privilege to serve you, and we sincerely appreciate your ongoing support and business. As a thank you, we want to break some news today:

The Venture Bros. Brock Samson (Black Shirt) 3 3/4-Inch Figure will be the first 3 3/4 inch Venture Bros. action figure produced by Bif Bang Pow!, and it’s really, absolutely, truly coming soon! The fans have spoken, and this item is now officially in production. The figure will be as you see here, with a black T-shirt and a swell knife. We hope to reveal the packaging very soon. Brock is going to be great, and other characters are still in development. We’ll have more details about that in a bit, but for now, preorder your Brock Samson with confidence and start your 3 3/4-inch Venture collection off right. And thanks again for your business!

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Brock Samson 3-3/4″ Action Figure

Never-before-made 3 3/4-inch Brock Samson Action Figure! This macho secret agent is conspiring to get into your home and your The Venture Bros. collection. Posing as an irresistible articulated action figure from Bif Bang Pow!, Brock Samson stands 3 3/4-inches tall in all his machismo glory, ready for his next action. (He brings a knife accessory, just in case.) Add him to your desk today!

Student of the great Hunter Gathers, former member of the OSI, and current member of SPHINX – Brock Samson is one bad dude. Trained to fight sharks, kill bears, and bed superspy ladies from all over the planet, there’s no better baby sitter in the world. Seriously, that’s a big part of his job!

Bif Bang Pow! presents a truly awesome array of never-before-made 3 3/4-inch action figures based on Adult Swim’s extremely popular animated series The Venture Bros. These fan-demanded figures are crafted of PVC plastic, feature 10 points of articulation, and come with character-specific accessories. You’ll want every one of them in your toy box or Venture Bros. collection.

  • Never-before-made 3 3/4-inch Brock Samson Action Figure!
  • Based on Adult Swim’s animated series The Venture Bros.
  • This secret agent features 10 points of articulation and a knife accessory.
  • You’ll want every one of these fan-demanded Venture Bros. action figures!

venture bros action figure series revision

Action Figure F.A.Q.

I ordered a wave/assortment/set of figures with many different characters in it.
Will I still receive those?

No. Notifications are being sent out now to announce that all waves, assortments and sets have been cancelled. If you ordered one of these items before with a mix of characters, please verify the cancellation has taken place and pre-order the individual Brock Samson figure instead.

Why did this happen?
We tried many different strategies in getting these action figures to market. Factory minimum orders and low pre-orders prevented these from coming to market sooner. Thankfully, we’ve overcome these hurdles for Brock Samson only.

What about the other characters? When will they be released?
We understand that everyone wants to know the fate of the remaining characters and if they will be cancelled or will be going into production. First, the line will not be cancelled unless our license expires in a few years. The fate of the remaining characters depends on strong pre-orders. We will make announcements when each new character is about to go into production, whenever that may be. So in theory you may see more delays on certain characters, but eventually we hope to release them.

Thanks again for your continued support of this product line!


For more information on Bif Bang Pow, visit

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Photo Credit: Bif Bang Pow! production stills

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