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It’s hard to pinpoint what makes The Monarch such an exceptional super villain. He doesn’t really have any powers. He loses more often than he wins. He doesn’t really take the time to theme out his attacks in a butterfly motif. But on the other hand, he does have the best eyebrows this side of Martin Scorcese. Here are 10 of our favorite moments of our favorite wily eyebrowed bastard.

Here are the top 10 moments of The Monarch from the series

10. Wrong Address
We don’t have a whole lot of experience with secret compounds, per se, but it seems highly unlikely that one would exist on the fourth floor of an office complex. Just saying.

9. Tell Your Dad On Me
If your guard robot cannot guard itself from being sexually violated by a skinny dude in tights, it’s probably time to go back to the old guard-robot drawing board.

8. Professional Bad Guys
So, the Henchmen just sit around and play Guitar Hero all day? Trade the butterfly costumes for black hoodies and basically Adult Swim is staffed by henchmen.

7. List of Orders
You don’t just return the Director’s Cut of Working Girl. You keep it and treasure it and let that river run forever.

6. Did He Tell Us?
It sure seems like The Monarch spends a lot of time asking the wrong people where Dr. Venture is.

5. That Cool Spin Thing
If you have to tell your arch-enemy what your name is mid-fight, chances are more than good that he doesn’t consider you his arch-enemy back.

4. Dr. Dugong
This robot is just lucky that The Monarch didn’t try to have sex with it.

3. Charades
Breakin’ 2 gets all the glory, all the time. We feel bad for Breakin’ 1. It must have been at least a little good to warrant a sequel, but no one ever feels the need to bring it up in any conversation. Ever.

2. I Hate My Henchmen
The Henchmen have a point about stopping. Peeing in a unitard is way harder than in regular pants.

1. Cold Diarrhea
Nothing will set a hardened teenage criminal on the right path like a jailed man in a butterfly costume.

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