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jackson publick venture brosJackson Publick III was born in 1971. The only son of Jackson Publick, Jr.,author of the popular Rusty Venture series of boys’ adventure novels (himself the son of Jackson Publick, author of over six dozen Jonas Venture Boys’ adventure novels), he forsake his literary birthright to pursue comic books and a degree in the liberal arts. He was successful at neither, and after a period of sky country hoboing and soul-searching, he decided to put his limited skill-set to use in the Creative Warfare department of the Marine Corps: Psi-Ops division. His most notable achievements during his short tenure were designs for something called “The Mindcopter” and a squadron of giant, flying metal lions, which, when reconfigured and joined together via electrical current, formed a giant, flying metal man. Neither project was ever put into production and, upon learning that he had plagiarized the latter, the Marine Corps discharged Publick summarily, but honorably. It was to be the most important day ever. Drawing on the powers and influence of his amazing Bilderberg Group superpals, he then made up The Venture Bros. He currently resides with his chosen mate, as well as a cat and a dog covered in cat scars, in Brooklyn, New York, from which he controls the media. []

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