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venture bros the monarchThe Monarch (voiced by Christopher McCulloch): Dr. Venture’s self-styled archnemesis. His real name is Malcolm. He is obsessed with Monarch butterflies, which he claims raised him as a child after he survived the plane wreck which killed his parents in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. In fact, he only spent a few months unsuccessfully imitating them before returning to claim his inheritance, and still seems to have almost no understanding of their biology or behavior. He then attended State University where he began arching Dr. Venture, but for reasons as yet unrevealed. He then began henching for a variety of villains, and was employed by Phantom Limb as Shadowman 9, until he became the Monarch and seduced Dr. Girlfriend (then known as Queen Etheria). Though he frequently describes himself as Dr. Venture’s nemesis, their rivalry resides almost completely in the Monarch’s imagination. In reality, Dr. Venture considers him more a nuisance than a genuine threat. His plans against the Venture family are usually bizarre and fail for a number of sad reasons. For instance, his first attempt on Venture’s life instead mutilated his lab partner, Werner Ünderbheit (Ünderbeit believes Venture was responsible). At the end of season one, he was convicted of murder and sentenced to prison after being framed by the Phantom Limb. However, in the second season, he escaped and began to rebuild his criminal operation, being reunited with Dr. Girlfriend in the process and eventually marrying her. As of the third season, the two have moved into Phantom Limb’s old mansion in a town called Malice.

    venture bros henchmen 21Henchman 21, whose real name is Gary Stu (voiced by Doc Hammer): An overweight pop-culture geek who lives with his mother (except when living in the Monarch’s flying cocoon headquarters). He is always accompanied by Henchman 24. Wrote (or at least provided the cover-photo for) “Flight of the Monarch”, a tell-all that starts the chain of events ending in the Monarch’s incarceration. In the first episode of season two, being without costume for the first time, he is described by 24 as resembling Kevin Smith. He briefly toyed with the idea of becoming a supervillain himself, “the Viceroy”. He claims that he joined the world of henching when he was kidnapped by the Monarch’s henchmen when he was 15 (though further details of this event have not been given). When not henching, Number 21 runs a comic book hotline, the “Atomic Comic Collection Connection” from his bedroom. It is also revealed that he has a crush on Doctor Girlfriend. He seems to have a friendship with Hank.
    venture bros henchmen 24Henchman 24, (voiced by Christopher McCulloch): a tall, thin man with voice characteristics resembling comic Ray Romano. He and Henchman 21 frequently have arguments about unusual hypothetical situations. Is described by 21 in the first episode of the second season as resembling Jerry Seinfeld with a unibrow. He tends to repeat words that are dirty or have a double entendre like “loin” and “jerkin”. Number 24 served as Shadowman 24 for Phantom Limb at the same time the Monarch was Shadowman 9. The Monarch promised to make him his “number 2” in return for a favor, a promise which has never been carried out (possibly due to Dr. Girlfriend’s reservations about 24, in reality the Monarch using 24’s number, due to issues with ‘staring’). Number 24’s powder blue Nissan Stanza becomes the replacement Monarch Mobile after the Monach’s lair is destroyed but is promptly stolen by a fleeing prostitute. The Stanza later inexplicably reappears in the garage of the Monarch’s Cocoon. It was heavily damaged when the Cocoon crashed in the Grand Canyon. The Monarch doesn’t remember much about 24 besides the fact he thinks his voice sounds like aforementioned Ray Romano. A former factory worker before he joined up with the Monarch, 24 has revealed to Dean that his ex-girlfriend married his father and that he has always wanted to be a cabinet maker. Number 24 dies in an explosion at the end of the season three finale. His skull makes appearances throughout season 4 as an object #21 converses with like they did previously. In Pinstripes & Poltergeists, #24 is apparently a ghost that has decided to haunt #21 due to lack of options, the other choices being the Cocoon lair, which gets blown up frequently, or his ex-girlfriend from when he was 15, which would have been ‘way too creepy’.

venture bros dr mrs monarch girlfriDoctor Girlfriend (voiced by Doc Hammer): Wife and assistant to the Monarch (now going by the name: Dr. Mrs. The Monarch.) Her real name is Sheila. She bears a remarkable similarity to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, at one point dressing in her famous short pink jacket and pillbox hat, and shares her New England accent. Her comically deep voice (the character is voiced by a man) is a parody of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ relatively low voice for a woman, and at one point, the creators claimed that they originally imagined her as sounding like actor Harvey Fierstein. Rumors that she is transsexual have been dispelled as a red herring. She was introduced to the world of costumed villainy by Phantom Limb, her then-lover and former professor. She initially failed as an independent villain named Lady Au Pair. She then served as Phantom Limb’s second-in-command under the codename Queen Etheria, until she was seduced by the Monarch at a party. Dr. Girlfriend was the undisputed brains behind the Monarch’s operations, but she felt unappreciated by him. After a short separation, Dr. Girlfriend and the Monarch renewed their relationship on the condition that the Monarch stop arching Dr. Venture and make Dr. Girlfriend his partner, not just his “number 2”. They were married in the Season 2 finale and recognized by the Guild of Calamitous Intent as “villain and villainess” in Season 3. Dr. Girlfriend now goes by the name Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and has designed a new butterfly-themed costume for herself. According to the show’s creators, her title of doctor is honorary in nature. Her doctorate was received after donating a large sum of money to an unnamed evil college.

    venture bros tim tom kevinTim-Tom and Kevin (voiced by Christopher McCulloch and Doc Hammer, respectively): Achondroplastic dwarves who were Dr. Girlfriend’s “Murderous Moppets” in her solo career as Lady Au Pair. They apparently remain on good terms with her, helping in her application to be the Order of the Triad’s nemesis, helping her at her wedding, and organizing the rebuilding of the cocoon after its destruction. They speak to Dr. Girlfriend in a respectful manner, but outside of her presence, they are both surly, foul-mouthed, and utterly psychotic (they seem to ferociously attack with their matching stilettos with very little provocation). Both of them wear Little Lord Fauntleroy suits and ribboned hats. Tim-Tom is white (and speaks with a cockney accent) and wears a blond curly-top wig, whereas Kevin is black, and does not have a wig (he appears to have a jeri-curl, and thus curly hair like his partner). However they are now seen wearing matching cocoon uniforms now being associated with The Monarch. They apparently also deceive their mistress: she tells The Monarch that they were upset that The Monarch Henchmen pick on them, and that #24 was bullying them—when in fact they terrorize (and routinely brutalize) The Henchmen and Tim-Tom savagely knifed (and nearly murdered) #24 after he jubilantly poured Gatorade on him as a mischievous affirmation of The Moppets’ leadership. Dr. Girlfriend seemed to completely believe The Moppets’ story, but The Monarch seemed dubious. After Dr. Girlfriend becomes Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, the Moppets apparently officially join the Monarch’s organization, performing reconnaissance on the Venture compound for the Monarch (disguised as child participants in Dr. Venture’s “Day Camp for Boy Adventurers”) and accompanying the villainous couple on a mission while costumed as “the Pupaetwins”. Dr. Girlfriend treats them both as though they were her children, and they call her “mom” in turn but both of them also have sexual fantasies about her. Tim Tom admitted to Kevin that he snuck a look at her panties once when she knelt in front of them, and both of them enjoyed receiving hugs from her when she donned her revealing Dr. Mrs. The Monarch costume, taking the opportunity to openly stare at her breasts. While The Moppets have been shown to be relatively surly and fearless, they both were intimidated by The Monarch in Return To Malice when he peevishly confronted them outside of his wife’s presence.

venture bros baron underbheitBaron Werner Ünderbheit (voiced by T. Ryder Smith): A noted member of the Guild of Calamitous Intent and former tyrant dictator of Ünderland. He wears a prosthetic metal jaw and speaks in a thick, pseudo-German accent. He blames Dr. Venture for the loss of his jaw; as he says, “In my country, a lab-partnership is a sacred trust. One is always supposed to look out for one’s lab-partner! Venture… did not.” It has since been revealed that the explosion that disfigured Ünderbheit was actually caused by The Monarch, in an attempt to kill Dr. Venture. Baron Ünderbheit is a parody of Doctor Doom and Apocalypse, and has been jokingly identified as such in the context of show (e.g. The Monarch referred to him as “that dime store Doctor Doom”). Ünderland is a sovereign nation that shares at least one border with Michigan. Ünderland is a parody of Latveria and other fictional comic-book countries, which play on the reader’s relative lack of knowledge of geography.

    venture bros manservantManservant (voiced by Christopher McCulloch): Baron Ünderbheit’s long-time personal servant, given to him as a birthday present from his mother while he was in college. He is so completely devoted to Ünderbheit that he almost seems to have no will of his own; he speaks in a zombie-like monotone somewhat reminiscent of Peter Lorre, and always appears to be staring into space. His fate after the deposition of Baron Ünderbheit is unknown.

venture bros phantom limbPhantom Limb (voiced by James Urbaniak): A villain with invisible arms and legs. He is arguably the most competent villain seen thus far in the Venture Brothers universe, although he seems largely indifferent to the Ventures themselves. Although he is quite cunning and ruthless, he is also one of the more culturally refined characters in the show, judging from his interest in Persian rugs and fine cheeses. He framed the Monarch for murder and attempted to foil the Monarch’s escape plot, ostensibly because he wanted Dr. Girlfriend all to himself. It was later revealed in season 2 that the framing of The Monarch was simply part of a larger picture to lure out and kill The Sovereign/David Bowie and seize the leadership of the Guild of Calamitous Intent. Despite his intellect, he often comes off as pretentious, and at times clueless about the repercussions of his action – as if he’s too far into his ‘role’ to understand what he’s doing. At the end of season 2, he seems to have escaped, although minus one invisible leg (and perhaps another ‘limb’). His name and invisible limbs are references to the phantom limb syndrome experienced by amputees. The name and purple costume are also references to the comic book and comic strip hero The Phantom. It is revealed in episode three of season three that he was originally professor Hamilton G. Fantomas at a state college, and had tiny deformed arms. When Billy Quizboy was sent in by O.S.I. to spy on him, Fantomas made Billy his lab assistant, thinking he was a brilliant mind. During an experiment to turn his limbs to normal size, a malfunction happened which turned Fantomas into Phantom Limb. He later returns in “The Revenge Society” with the name Revenge. After leaving the guild he has completely lost his mind where his team is made up of a coffee cup, a toaster, and Dr. Mrs. the Monarch’s high heel shoe.

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