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venture bros king gorillaKing Gorilla (voiced by Christopher McCulloch): A talking, homosexual gorilla who befriended the Monarch while in jail. King Gorilla was a member of the Guild of Calamitous Intent until his imprisonment for brutal murder and rape (in that order) of Mötley Crüe lead singer Vince Neil during a reality TV show, defending himself by stating “I only sodomized half of him”. Because of his high-profile crime, the Guild turned its back on King Gorilla and has led to the villain becoming bitter and cynical towards the Guild. After kidnapping and attempting to rape the Monarch (the Monarch’s feminine qualities turned him off before the act), he was moved enough by the Monarch’s quest to regain Dr. Girlfriend’s love that he assisted in the fellow villain’s escape from prison. When he is hesitant to help the Monarch before he does, the Monarch parodies a quote from The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, saying, “Et tu, King Gorilla?” His ability to talk and walk upright is not explained, and he has an obsession with Tarzan (Jackson Publick has suggested that he somehow houses and raises multiple Tarzans in his cell or the common area of the prison). King Gorilla mirrors the many super gorillas and apes that exist in comics (particularly in the DC Universe), which include several heroic ones like Solovar, Detective Chimp or Congorilla, but are mostly villains like Monsieur Mallah (who also talks and is homosexual), Gorilla Grodd (a talking genius level gorilla, enemy of the Flash and member of the Secret Society of Super Villains), Ultra-Humanite, Titano, The Mod Gorilla Boss, Gorilla Boss, Jackanapes, etc.

venture bros mr mondayMr. Monday (voiced by Christopher McCulloch): An upperclass-esque villain with a monocle, obsessed with Monday. The character very much resembles the Detective Comics character Calendar Man. When the Monarch is planning his breakout for that night, Mr. Monday insists “Can’t we wait until Monday?” and uses words such as “Mondaylicious!” Mr. Monday is released from prison by Phantom Limb, only to be hunted by him on his private grounds to make a point to the Monarch in Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part I). He is presumed to have been killed by Phantom Limb in this scene.

venture bros tigerifficTigeriffic (voiced by Paul Boocock) A former supervillain with massive strength and tiger-like abilities. When imprisoned, his costume was confiscated, which apparently is where all his powers come from. When the Monarch assigns him to pull off the gate during the breakout, Tigeriffic informs him that he is powerless without the costume. The Monarch is shocked, as he assumed he was “Raised by tigers, like Moogli.” “It’s Mowgli…and that was wolves…and still no!”

venture bros white noiseWhite Noise (voiced by Brendon Small) A smoking, racist former television repair-man, White Noise was transformed while repairing a TV that was still plugged into a live socket. He is concerned about the Monarch’s criminal organization being “racially mixed”, and doesn’t want his pure white blood to be muddied. The Monarch then questions whether he even has blood, and how he knows he’s even white. He speaks with a Southern dialect. During the Monarch’s escape, he was supposed to aid by taking out the guards, along with Dr. Septapus. He is also hunted and fatally shot by Phantom Limb on his private grounds.

venture bros dr septapusDr. Septapus (voiced by Christopher McCulloch) Another one of the Monarch’s criminal cohorts while in prison, Dr. Septapus has seven limbs on his body. Four arms on his sides, one arm from his chest, and two legs. He is loosely based on the Marvel Comics character, Dr. Octopus. During the Monarch’s escape, he was supposed to aid by taking out the guards, along with White Noise. He is released from prison, only to be hunted by Phantom Limb on his private grounds. He is shot down from a tree, and then shot again on the ground.

venture bros tiny josephTiny Joseph (voiced by Doc Hammer): Although he originally appeared as one of the Monarch’s henchmen in a dream sequence in “A Very Venture Christmas”, he later appeared as the Monarch’s cellmate. He is only a few inches tall, and inscribes a message upon a Microdot, which is to be carried out by a butterfly for the Monarch. He was also used as a projectile in the Monarch’s makeshift prison dartgun.

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