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venture bros dr orpheusDr. Orpheus (voiced by Steven Rattazzi): An expert necromancer and mystic who rents a portion of the Venture Compound and is friendly with Dr. Venture. Along with Brock, he is the only associate of Dr. Venture who displays any sort of competence, although his pomposity tends to detract from his abilities. His character is a parody of vintage comic book magic-users such as Doctor Strange and the even older (and cornier) Mandrake the Magician. His face and hair are similar to those of Vincent Price. He has been confused for Dracula a number of times. His speech is filled with overly dramatic phrases, delivered in a theatrically grandiose voice with extreme emphasis on mundane topics, usually over a background of ominous trumpet-laden music. After witnessing Dr. Venture’s various enemies, he develops a fervent desire for an archnemesis of his own. He is fiercely protective of Hank and Dean Venture.

venture bros jefferson twilightJefferson Twilight (voiced by Charles Parnell): An old friend of Dr. Orpheus. He is a black man who fights Blaculas for a living and wields two swords. He is a pastiche of the superhero Blade and the blaxploitation movie protagonist, Shaft. As a play on Blade’s half-vampire thirst for blood or an artificial replacement, Jefferson Twilight suffers from diabetes and low blood-sugar, leading him to heavily thirst for sugared liquids, such as Nik-L-Nips. His left eye is discolored as it is a magical blacula tracker he calls the “Blood Eye.” The episode What Goes Down, Must Come Up revealed a lot of his back story such as his mother was taken by marauding Blaculas when he was ten and he was a tank commander in the USMC.

venture bros the alchemistThe Alchemist (voiced by Dana Snyder): Another old friend of Dr. Orpheus, who is searching for the philosopher’s stone (“as a metaphor for enlightenment”) as well as a cure for AIDS. Unlike Twilight and Orpheus, it would seem that he is much less serious about his business and would rather mix business with pleasure; however, his true opinion on the Triad was revealed in the episode “Showdown at Cremation Creek”, where he stated that he was more into helping the balance of the Universe than running around fighting one Super-Villain. It has been openly acknowledged that he is gay and a fan of Jimmy Buffett. He is sometimes referred to as “Al”, but whether this is his real name or merely short for Alchemist is uncertain. He has an open hatred of the Internet due to finding out his boyfriend was cheating on him via MySpace.

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