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Welcome to our Venture Bros. Cosplay Guide! For the uninitiated, Cosplay is short for ‘Costume Play,’ a popular subculture that involves wearing costumes inspired by video games, manga, anime, television and films. In this guide you’ll find profiles and tutorials on Venture Bros. cosplay.


1 Henchie: The most minimal amount of work. Nearly all this costume’s parts can be bought and worn with virtually no modification

2 Henchies: Light altering or modification is needed for this costume i.e. applying dye or painting

3 Henchies: A moderate amount of altering, modification or fabrication is required. Half of this costume’s parts must be fabricated.

4 Henchies: Sewing, fabrication and modification on 80% or more of this costume is required. This costume’s materials require a broad skill set to make.

5 Henchies: Virtually nothing on this costume will simply be bought off the shelf. Expect to fabricate over 90% of this costume or alter almost every part to accomplish your character’s look.

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henchies two and a half1

monarch henchmen cosplayMonarch Henchmen are supporting characters on the Venture Brothers. The Henchmen serve the super-villain, the Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. The Monarch’s two main men are Henchmen 21 and 24. Somehow, despite their ineptitude and questionable loyalty, they managed to avoid death awhile until 24 was blown to bits. Monarch Henchmen wear yellow and black uniforms with orange butterfly wings and mischievous red-lensed masks. The Henchman costume is popular among new cosplayers at conventions for it’s ease of construction and because of its group role play appeal. There will be many elements involved, but most are simply made and don’t require much crafting knowledge. This one can also be played up with a butterfly dart gun when your gang wants even more menace!

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henchies three and a half

molotov cocktease cosplayMolotov is a former agent of an unnamed Soviet intelligence organization who turned mercenary after the Cold War. She began as an Olympic athlete for the Soviet Union. Her father was her trainer, and he was also an undercover Soviet assassin. She is the love of Brock Samson’s life, despite the fact that a titanium chastity belt and a promise to her deceased father prevent their full carnal union. Her get-up is based on a modified cat-suit with several accessories that require construction. The fun is in turning heads and knowing you’ll be armed with a dagger and two guns, ready to take on anyone who crosses you. Your main goals will be matching the red color on the elements to pull off a refined look, the red hair & heart shaped eye patch, and using enough double sided tape to keep it all in check.

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henchies two and a half1

dr orpheus cosplayDr. Byron Orpheus is a necromancer, practitioner of mysticism and the occult arts. Orpheus is divorced and has a teenage daughter, Triana. They both lived together in an area of the Venture compound Byron rented out, until an incident with her father’s Master caused Triana to move in with her mother & The Outrider. Orpheus has a flair for the dramatic with a heart of gold. You’ll have the power of the universe at your fingertips when you choose this costume, but you won’t need magic to create it. Most of the elements can be purchased as is, with small modifications for more accuracy. Your only challenges may be growing his beard(or applying a fake one), crafting an amulet instead of buying one, painting wider stripes on his pants, and modifying his cape with purple fabric and the Order of the Triad logo.

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henchies two

triana orpheus cosplayTriana is the daughter of Dr. Orpheus and lives with her father in a rented out laboratory-cum-apartment within the Venture compound for most of the series. She is 17, a bit of a goth, but otherwise a completely normal teenage girl. Dr. Venture’s son Dean is smitten with her, but the feeling isn’t mutual. Triana still makes the effort to be kind, aware of Dean’s feelings, and moves in with her mother to help him get over his infatuation. Her style is easy to replicate, with most items readily available in stores. The one crafting element may be the jolly roger on her “blouse”, which doesn’t make her a pirate, but will take a little fabric paint to create. Her hair is either bright purple or black with a purple cast. The cut is consistent and a wig can be trimmed up if needed. It’s easy to slip into Triana’s burgundy Mary Jane’s for a day!

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henchies two and a half1

sgt hatred cosplaySargeant Hatred’s villainous ‘theme’ is that of an evil soldier, complete with flying tank and henchmen dressed as infantrymen. His most ominous display is the crimson H tattoo on his face, which spells out his name in a line down his torso. Despite being a registered sex offender, he regularly takes his ‘no molestol’ and fights to control his unnatural urges when he later becomes Hank & Dean’s bodyguard. His reputation in the world of supervillainy is one of being especially hospitable and genial to his friends and enemies alike. Whichever version you do, the clothing on each can be purchased off of the rack. The accessories is where you’ll need a little creative flair to complete the look. The most important element is to include either the red H or blue V facial tattoos, a high recognition factor.

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henchies one

brock samson cosplayBrock Samson is the man’s man of secret agents. Disdaining guns in favor of his ever-present Bowie knife, he has a license to kill and the overpowering desire to use it. Fiercely loyal to Dr. Venture and the boys, Brock will let nothing stand in the way of their safety, be it ninja, super-villain or Chupacabra. His nearly indestructible nature makes the Swedish Murder Machine a man few have survived after crossing. Brock’s original outfit is a simple black polo with white trim & green pants. The mullet wig may take a little looking around, or a bit of modification with scissors. Top it off with his signature blade, just make sure that if you carry it unsheathed at a Con, that it is a fake so you’re following regulations. Add details like his communicator watch and bloodthirsty snarl, and you’ll be ready to rock, Led Zeppelin style.

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henchies two

dr venture cosplayOvershadowed by his famous-scientist father, Dr. Venture spends most of his time dreaming up ways to escape his debt and make money with his inventions. They are either failures, or his father’s outdated products masked as his own. Abrasive and selfish, he pays little attention to his two fraternal twin boys and depends heavily on his bodyguard Brock Samson. He’s either donning a mauve or baby blue speed-suit. Both can be purchased via uniform retailers, but the mauve one will need to be dyed to achieve it’s unique color. Both have an easy to find pair of rectangular framed glasses, a white belt, and brown slide shoes. The blue suit has the Venture logo over the pocket, the mauve a pocket protector. Add the rust-colored goatee to finish, and a communicator watch for pizzazz!

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henchies four

dr girlfriend cosplayThe husky-voiced Dr. Girlfriend is perhaps the only voice of reason in the Monarch’s sad little world. Skilled and capable, she is often the only thing that makes the Monarch’s plans even remotely viable. Before teaming up with the Monarch, she was involved with Phantom Limb after a failed solo villainess effort. Her look is classic Jackie-O, with sex appeal too boot. Her dress is not common, so this is likely to be a sewn-from-scratch endeavor, an important thing to consider. Her white boots & gloves are elements that can be readily purchased. The black teased hair with curled ends may require you styling a more common wig if your own hair isn’t similarly stuck in the 60’s. The pillbox hat is the last crafted element that you’ll have to ponder when deciding whether or not to fill her sassy shoes.

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henchies four

the monarch cosplayAs Dr. Venture’s self-proclaimed arch-nemesis, the Monarch plots the downfall of Team Venture with the utmost glee. His back is adorned with the wings of the mighty Monarch Butterfly from which he takes his name. Insecure and uncertain at heart, he leans on Dr. Girlfriend more than a super-villain should. His costume is a formulated of many bright yellow armor elements over a black, open-faced body suit. There is a high fabrication factor, so it is recommended to have crafting experience when taking him on. Even his go-go boots have curled details that cannot simply be bought, just like the man himself!

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