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(Kano holds young Rusty, who is aiming a sniper rifle, on his shoulders. Col Gentleman sits by, wounded.)
Col. Gentleman: That thing is gonna kick like a badger, so you have to re-level quick. Aim for the bastard’s neck. Hold ‘im up there, Kano! I don’t care if he wets himself and your head; that boy is gonna see somebody die! And if he doesn’t want it to be his father, he’ll have to pull that trigger!

Dr. Venture: This isn’t an invention, it’s a responsibility. We need to study this, and if we find that it will help mankind move peacefully forward, then we shall share its teachings, because we are not only men of science, we –
Billy Quizboy: We … are men of hope.
Dr. Venture: How’d you know what I was gonna say?
Billy Quizboy: Come on! Your dad said that at, like, the end of every episode!

Col. Lloyd Venture: I’m sorry. I didn’t know we were out of options.
Fantômas: Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was sarcasm day.
Col. Lloyd Venture: I’m sorry I wasn’t aware of your delicate constitution.
Fantômas: I’m sorry you smell like spoiled fruit.
Mark Twain: Fantômas has a point.
Col. Lloyd Venture: How dare you, sir! Why, I smell of freshly cut flowers!

Col. Venture: Samuel, the orb is a source of untold power! We must take our time and learn how to harness that power for the good of mankind!
Fantômas: Woah there, the orb is ours. The guild will decide what is best for mankind!
Oscar Wilde: For shame! This guild was founded to protect and serve man at his best, not to be a guild .. of calamitous intent!

The Alchemist: Alright. Let’s start again. Get me a dictionary.
Pete White: But we have the internet.
The Alchemist: I don’t wanna play World of Warcraft. Get me a regular dictionary. (talks to himself aloud) Ugh, internet. It’s only good for finding out that your boyfriend is sleeping around. Friggin’ MySpace. What, I’m not supposed to look at his friend’s comments? They’re right on the first page! It’s hardly snooping!

Kano: ORB? Master Rusty has found ORB? (laughs) Did he find it under the couch while looking for change?

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