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Episode Review of “Assisted Suicide”

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Assisted Suicide takes the Ventureverse out of the realm of the subtle Freudian slip and into the overt world of the three-part clinical Freudian explanation of human consciousness. The craftsmanship of this episode is thoroughly marvelous; it successfully inserts Freudian themes into each storyline contained within.

Within the compound, a strange and varied assortment of father-figures attempt to save the day by different means of might and magic. The tension between Brock and Sgt. Hatred is growing thicker, both driven by an affection/attachment for the boys and a desire to wrest some kind of usefulness for their continued presence. Meanwhile, the boys themselves prove ineffective as anchoring totems for Orpheus’ magical efforts; their father’s love for them is apparently not strong enough to allow for psychic entry. The tone of these scenes could be called Oedipal (perhaps swaying more toward the resolution of the Oedipal complex which supposedly results in identification of the child with the same-sexed parent) based on the nature of the fixation of father-figures, but the dynamic is reversed; it is the father-figures competing for the position as responsible party.

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Episode Recap of “Assisted Suicide”

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In this week’s episode of the Venture Bros, we learn how Rusty’s mind works. At the Cocoon, things get complicated (and drunk) between Dr. Mrs. the Monarch and 21.

It’s a normal afternoon at the Venture Compound with the gang playing touch football, skins against shirts. Shore Leave, wearing a Rusty Venture t-shirt complains that’s stuck with nervous Dean and “Professor Snape” (Dr. Orpheus) on his team. Brock then finds Dr. Venture sitting the Charger with a “goodbye cruel world” note pinned to his speedsuit. Since Brock’s car is now green, the old exhaust fumes trick isn’t working. Rusty sticks a road flare in his mouth. They take him inside where he sits catatonic and tries to strangle himself with Dr. O’s tie. Thinking he’s possessed, everyone prepares for the flood of pea soup vomit.

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