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Episode Review of “The Diving Bell vs. The Butter-Glider”

diving bell 07

Tonight was the moment that Venture fandom had been anticipating with bated breath for months on end. Tortured by the split format of season four and the achingly wide chasm between the two halves, I found I was unable to disassociate my excited expectations when attempting to view the episode with the unbiased and critical eye of a cut-throat assessor. I bounced in my chair, squealing like a school-girl in the throes of spring’s first amorous breezes as soon as the episode began. If I may extend this metaphor, the opening of The Diving Bell vs. The Butter-Glider was passionately strong, dropping us directly into an ongoing crises wrought with tense excitement and explosions—it then abruptly careens us off a cliff and dissolves into slightly disappointing inaction, leaving me desperately wanting for more… just like a teenage crush.

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