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Episode Recap of “Pomp & Circuitry”

Last night’s Venture Bros was filled with so many references to past episodes, it warmed my heart. Doc Hammer once said, “Continuity is a bitch,” but many things not only paid tribute to the past, they gave us a glimpse at what’s to come.

The episode opens with Hank and Dean in their learning beds. Every time “Rusty” is suppose to be mentioned in the lesson, it’s dubbed with “Hank and Dean.” I never imaged them actually graduating from their learning beds, but Dean’s diploma prints out. There’s talk of college and career advice from Billy. What careers will two horribly sheltered boy clones pick? Some of the careers Hank wants are drifter, owner of Chimp Eden, and two different eras of Batman. (Golden age and post crisis) While Dean choices include husband, boy detective, and boy reporter. But no “super scientist”, as Rusty points out. Billy explains Hank and Dean aren’t ready for college as their knowledge is as outdated as “Funk and Wagnalls.” Rusty learns Hank’s diploma never printed and he “better get back in that bed until you graduate.” Hank in a very Batman moment, rebels and runs off to join S.P.H.I.N.X. and he’s actually pretty good at his montage of trials. He’s “Brock trained”, after all.

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Lola Wickerman Reviews “Pomp & Circuitry”

Last night’s episode was an excellent exercise in personal failure, which is one of the most important reoccurring themes at the very heart of the show. I don’t care to recap too much, but the failings of each character merit a close examination.

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