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Venture characters have a way of coming back again and again, even after their untimely deaths (Colonel Gentleman, anyone?). Still, there are a couple of awesome characters that somehow fell between the seat cushions of the velvety sofa that is The Venture Bros. Here are 10 of our favorites that only showed up once, but burned brightly for a brief moment.

10. Dr. Dugong
Poor Dr. Dugong. All he ever wanted was the secrets of love and caring. But with a face like that, it’s probably a secret he took to his grave.

9. The Nozzle
You might argue that The Nozzle is not really a character. And if you do, you might also argue that you really have a social life. But we already know the truth now, Joykill.

8. The Cleaner
All of this with just a spray bottle. You should really see what this guy can do with a Swiffer.

7. Scott Hall
Poor Scott proves the only truism of the Venture universe: The more emotionally stable, the closer to death you are.

6. The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln, The Great Unifier, is back to end the conflict of brother versus brother in a purely disgusting (and illegal) way.

5. Klaus and Iggy
Actually, supervillainy might be the most plausible explanation for Klaus Nomi’s career.

4. Groovy and the Gang
The real mystery is how bad that van must stink. Wet dogs, stale cigarettes and old radicals don’t sound like an appealing aroma combination.

3. King Gorilla
This might be the best monologue about love delivered to someone sitting in poop water.

2. Nancy and Drew
We never understood the whole fascination with twins thing. Sure, you get two girls at once, but they’re sisters and you have to carry that horrible incest-y awfulness with you for the rest of your life.

1. The Grand Galactic Inquisitor
You have to save number one for a being so powerful you can feel his voice in your chodeys.

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