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10. The Master
Telling off know-it-alls like Dr. Orpheus? Sounding like H. Jon Benjamin? Licking his own genitals? The Master is pretty much the best teacher ever.

9. King Gorilla
King Gorilla may well be the best love-sick, talking, raping gorilla since Dr. Zaius.

8. The Original Team Venture
We have a thing for Scottish brogues and born-again fish.

7. The Grand Galactic Inquisitor
Ignore this clip!

6. Dr. Impossible
How big of an ass do you have to be to have not only your colleagues turn against you, but also your entire extended family? Luckily, Dr. Impossible can expand to accommodate such levels of ginormus dickitude.

5. Col. Hunter Gathers
On some parallel planet, “Col. Hunter Gathers and the Invisible Revolution” is the most popular show on television. We want to visit that world.

4. The Order of the Triad
Close your eyes and pretend Orpheus, Mace Windu, and Master Shake have formed a supergroup.

3. Master Billy Quizboy & Pete White
Pete and Billy go together like honey mustard and french fries. You wouldn’t necessarily think of putting a heavily injured hydrocephalus-suffering boy genius and a New Wave albino together, but once you have you want to eat them that way all the time. Or maybe we mixed the metaphor too far.

2. Molotov Cocktease
The only way in which Brock and hard core fanboys are in any way similar is that none of them will ever be able to have sex with Molotov.

1. Henchmen Number 21 & 24
21 and 24 wear winged costumes, answer to a super villain and live in his secret hideout. In other words, they’re pro fanboys, living the dream.

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