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The Revenge Society – Councilman 8 & 3

Councilman Eight & Councilman Three
Councilman Eight & Councilman Three

Last night’s episode of The Venture Bros. was great! Entitled The Revenge Society, this episode featured the return of Phantom Limb as a cloaked figure named Revenge. Revenge infiltrates The Guild of Calamitous Intent and kidnaps Councilman 8 (‘Dragoon’) and Councilman 3 (‘Red Mantle’).

Master Billy Quizboy is forced into working with Revenge given their previous history together. When Councilman 3 awakens, he discovers that the head of Councilman 8 has been surgically stitched onto his shoulders, an agreement that neither of them are happy with.

The Councilmen are forced by Revenge to review the Charter, which tells the history of the Guild, in order to disclose his grandfather’s role as co-founder of the Guild. Being the oldest members of the Council, they are readily able to disclose their stories of meeting the legendary Fantomas to Revenge and Billy.


As impoverished musicians in 1959, the two were approached by an elderly Fantomas who claimed he was organizing a Rock and Roll orchestra. Accepting the offer of the legendary figure, they discovered that in fact he had merely kidnapped several musicians in order to obtain a backing group for his terrible sousaphone playing.

Councilman 8: You want to know about your grandfather? Well, why didn’t…? Alright. It was February 1659, and we were playing the Winter Dance Party in the middle of nowhere, Iowa. We were musicians then.
Councilman 3: [Interrupts] I WAS! You just kinda talked-singed.
Councilman 8: I was accidentally creating hip-hop! Anyway this old guy approached us with an offer we couldn’t refuse.


Master Billy Quizboy: Wa-wait. Wait. I’m confused. This happened in 1659?
Councilman 8: What? No! 1959.
Master Billy Quizboy: You said 16-59!
Councilman 8: No I didn’t!
Master Billy Quizboy: You totally did, right? Crazy.
Councilman 3: Whatever. It doesn’t matter. You see the old guy told us he was making a rock ‘n roll orchestra. And that old man was the legendary Fantomas!
Councilman 8: The famed grandfather of Captain Crazy here.

The Big Bopper & Buddy Holly - Iowa, 1959
The Big Bopper (Councilman Eight) & Buddy Holly (Councilman Three) - 1959

Revenge (Phantom Limb): My Grandfather was himself a talented musician.
Councilman 3: [Interrupts] Sousaphone! Your grandfather played sousaphone! It was awful. Everyday he would make us rehearse. This band made up of kidnapped musicians and this old man with his ridiculous sousaphone!

Master Billy Quizboy: So, Phantom Limb kidnapped you so you can start a band? So he could be like his grandfather?
Revenge: No, young William. The guild was once more than just a safe haven for washed up rock stars. It was a sacred order of knights sworn to protect an ancient doomsday device… The Orb!

Councilman 3: I don’t remember agreeing to that.
Councilman 8: I admit it; I was skimming.

The Big Bopper - Buddy Holly
The Big Bopper - Buddy Holly

With this origin story, it is implied that Councilman 8 and Councilman 3 are actually rock n’ roll legends The Big Bopper and Buddy Holly whom many believed died in a tragic plane crash. When Fantomas first approaches Councilman 8 (Bopper) and 3 (Holly), they are on a snowy runway in Iowa, ready to board a plane. Next scene, they are playing in a warehouse with Dion and the Belmonts.

So did Fantomas kidnapped and fake their deaths so they could play in his lame band? And how did The Big Bopper and Buddy Holly become high council for The Guild of Calamitous Intent? I wonder if Gary Busey is up for a sequel to The Buddy Holly Story. I wonder if Ritchie Valens is a villain too?

Band practice with Fantomas
Band practice with Fantomas and Dion and the Belmonts

This episode also features the return of David Bowie as the Sovereign with his new Guild backup, Brian Eno.

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