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The Revenge Society – Councilman 8 & 3

Councilman Eight & Councilman Three
Councilman Eight & Councilman Three
Last night's episode of The Venture Bros. was great! Entitled The Revenge Society, this episode featured the return of Phantom Limb as a cloaked figure named Revenge. Revenge infiltrates The Guild of Calamitous Intent and kidnaps Councilman 8 ('Dragoon') and Councilman 3 ('Red Mantle'). Master Billy Quizboy is forced into working with Revenge given their previous history together. When Councilman 3 awakens, he discovers that the head of Councilman 8 has been surgically stitched onto his shoulders, an agreement that neither of them are happy with. The Councilmen are forced by Revenge to review the Charter, which tells the history of the Guild, in order to disclose his grandfather's role as co-founder of the Guild. Being the oldest members of the Council, they are readily able to disclose their stories of meeting the legendary Fantomas to Revenge and Billy.
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