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The Cult of ‘The Venture Brothers’

venture bros shannon cottrell

The Venture Bros., which begins the second half of its fourth season Sunday night at 11:30 on Adult Swim, is a curious show. It hasn’t won the awards that Robot Chicken and The Boondocks have. It didn’t spawn a rock band with a Billboard top 20 album like Metalocalypse did. It doesn’t have the super hip love-it-or-hate-it buzz of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! What they do have, though, is an extremely loyal, and vocal, fanbase. You can see it online, in the forms of fan sites, fan art (some of which we’ve covered before on Style Council) and, of course, fan fiction. You can catch glimpses of the fandom at San Diego Comic-Con… [Read More]

Written by Liz Ohanesian, with photos by Shannon Cottrell

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