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Jackson Publick Season 4.2 Production Update

jackson publick nocturntal emission collage

Jackson Publick updated his blog at Publick Nuisance today. Entitled Nocturnal Emissions, he gives us a production update on the upcoming episodes of the Venture Bros. season 4. Jackson writes that five of the episodes have been completed, while the last three episodes are nearing the final stages of production. “We think you’re really going to like these next eight episodes” says Publick. “We liked the last eight a whole lot, and we think these are better. I can safely say these new ones have more of the things you thought were missing from the last ones, less of the things you thought there was too much of, and quite a few new and unexpected twists.”

Along with the update, Jackson also posted a collage of fifteen screen grabs of the upcoming season and posted episode titles.


“The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-glider”
“Pomp & Circuitry”
“Every Which Way But Zeus”
“Everybody Comes to Hank’s”
“Bright Lights, Dean City”
“Assisted Suicide”
“The Silent Partners”
“Operation: P.R.O.M.”


girl hitler at united nations

Girl Hitler at the United Nations in New York City.

missing venture brothers

Have you seen the Venture Brothers, Hank and Dean?

hatred and white in panic room

Sgt. Hatred and Pete White in the Panic Room.

dean venture apartment

Super runaway? Dean Venture in a crappy, roach infested apartment.

monstroso henchmen

Monstroso Henchmen approach the Venture compound.

gargantua 2

Dr. Jonas Venture Jr. working on Gargantua-2 in the stratosphere.

master billy with girls

Master Billy Wayland with sexy villainous types.

spider guy and venture

A spider-man like character saluting Dr. Venture.

pirate captain

Pirate Captain is a fake ghost pirate again! Possibly an origin story.

The second half of The Venture Bros. season 4 will premiere on Sunday, September 12th at 11:30pm EST.

Written by Marc Ilagan, Executive Site Editor – The Venture Bros. Blog

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