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The Venture Bros: A Very Venture Christmas Episode

venture brothers christmas specialIn ‘A Very Venture Christmas,’ Dr. Venture is a bit behind on his shopping, but he’s excited about hosting his annual Christmas Eve shindig. Brock turns out to have some sentimental Yuletide traditions. Dean and Hank, who still believe in Santa Claus, accidentally unlock a magical demon who threatens to ruin Dr. Venture’s annual Christmas party and murder all his guests. Dr. Billy Quizboy and Mr. White hit on Traina, Dr. Orpheus’ underage daughter. Meanwhile, The Monarch plans the ultimate gift for Dr. Girlfriend–the destruction of the entire Venture Compound. These clips were are originally released on The Venture Bros. Season One DVD as ‘A Very Venture Christmas Bonus Episode.’

Doc’s Christmas Fever Dream: Dr. Venture lives through every Christmas special ever!

A Very Venture Christmas Opening: It’s like the regular show opening, only with a lot more wreaths.

Shopping for Dean: Brock and Dr. Venture have a hard time Christmas shopping for Dean.

Looking for Christmas Videos: Hank finds some interesting videos when he goes snooping for his Christmas present in Brock’s closet.

The Monarch’s Sexy New Plan: The Monarch needs Tiny Joseph’s help to enact a Christmas plan for Dr. Girlfriend.

Necromancer Christmas: Dr. Venture is surprised to see Dr. Orpheus at his Christmas party

Scouting Out Triana: Master Billy Quizboy and Pete White try to pick up Triana at the Venture’s Christmas party.

Punishing the Wicked: The Venture Christmas party is broken up by the demon, Krampus!

We’re in Bethlehem: Dr. Venture wakes up to find the X1 has crashed in Bethlehem!

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