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Exclusive Look at Rusty Venture Toys & Lunch Box

venture bros rusty venture lunch
Toy makers Bif Bang Pow gives us an exclusive look at the new Rusty Venture action figure set and lunch box. Action figures revealed as a convention exclusive for San Diego and New York Comic Con 2011. The set includes young Rusty Venture and Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. and comes with a limited edition “Tin Tote.” The Rusty Venture lunch box was featured in Season 2 of the Venture Brothers “Escape to the House of Mummies.” Bif Bang Pow’s collectible tin tote features new artwork by Stephen DeStefano and Liz Artinian.

bif bang powContinuing with our Comic-Con exclusive announcements, we’re proud to show this fine new set from The Venture Bros. Pre-order our Rusty & Jonas Venture Sr. with Tin Tote Exclusive! today! It features two all-new 8-inch “Mego” style EMCE action figures – Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. and Rusty Venture.

We showed these two characters at Toy Fair back in February. What we didn’t reveal back then was that these were part of a Comic-Con exclusive set AND that that these will be packaged inside a collectible tin. The tin features all-new artwork by the show artists! We commissioned them to make it happen – and boy, they turned this into an incredible piece of original work.

Order your set today, or stop by the Entertainment Earth booth #2343 at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con!

— Bif Bang Pow!

Check out “Entertainment Earth Convention Exclusives” for full product details!

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