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Venture Bros. Wave 2 Action Figure Toy Review

venture bros action figures wave two 03

Released at San Diego Comic-Con is the new wave of Venture Bros. action figures by Bif Bang Pow. Figures include Dr. Orpheus, Phantom Limb, Dr. Girlfriend and Hank Venture. Also released is the Rusty Venture action figure set and lunch box. All figures are fully articulated and come with fabric clothing and some accessories. Action figures are limited edition and are individually carded in blister packaging.

Like the previous year, we couldn’t resist opening these figures! Here is what we have learned about Bif Bang Pow’s 8 inch action figures and our thoughts on the retro style series.

rusty venture convention

The Rusty Venture action figure set is this year convention exclusive. The set (Series 6) includes young Rusty Venture and Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. packaged in a limited edition lunch box. The lunch box is standard size and features full color artwork by Stephen DeStefano and Liz Artinian. The figures themselves are highly detailed and come with a few character accessories; Rusty sports a removable backpack and Doc Venture has goggles and the mythical ORB.

dr orpheus action figure

Dr. Orpheus (Series 5) is faithfully sculpted and fashioned with layers of clothing, including his magical talisman. Orpheus’ cloak is black with gold piping and purple lining; Cloak also features the Triad insignia on the back. His pinstripe tights are fastened with an elastic band over the heels. Orpheus’ left hand is posed and ready for magic, a unique feature on this figure.

Here’s a tip, fold the collar of Orpheus’ cloak for that authentic show look. See example.

phantom limb action figure

Phantom limb (Series 5) is fitted in purple spandex and his arms, legs and torso are made from a translucent plastic. Bif Bang Pow says the inspiration behind this figure was the ‘Henshin Cyborg’ toy line of the late ’70s, a concept that works well for this figure. The clear limbs gives the illusion that he’s partially invisible and allows for the figure can stand on it’s own.

dr girlfriend action figure

Dr. Girlfriend (Series 4) is the first female figure being released in the toy line. She is fashioned in her classic pink dress and pillbox hat. Her removable boots are molded similar to Mego’s WGSH toy line. Opening the figure’s dress reveals extra padding along the abdomen and buttocks for better shape. And just in case you were wondering, Dr. Girlfriend has pink underwear that is painted on the figure.

hank venture action figure

Hank Venture (Series 4) is the other half of the Venture Brothers! An essential part of Team Venture, Hank is dressed in classic attire and comes with a satellite navigational wrist watch. Comparing Hank and Dean side by side, we noticed that Hank has a better flesh tone and his head is a bit firmer than Dean. Both have the same body type and look great together. We are delighted they are finally reunited in the toy range!

venture bros mego batmobile

To truly appreciate these figures, you have to free them from the blister packaging. Each figure is full of detail and faithful to the show. Bif Bang Pow did a remarkable job tailoring each figure, especially with Dr. Orpheus and Jonas Venture Sr., who both had multiple layers of fabric clothing. The head sculpts are accurate and the paint job is clean. Among the figures released, Dr. Orpheus and Phantom Limb are our favorite. We love the attention to detail with Dr. Orpheus and Phantom Limb’s transparent parts are both fun and innovative. Bif Bang Pow’s new wave of action figures are an impressive lot and a must for any Venture Brothers collection!

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