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“Element of Surprise 02” by Douglas Lovelace

Up for auction on eBay is original production art by Douglas Lovelace! Lovelace was Storyboard Revision Supervisor on Season 1 of the Venture Brothers. Lovelace has also done storyboard and design for all 4 seasons of the show.

Auction item is a pencil drawing of Dr. Venture, Brock and Underbheit Henchman from the Venture Bros Season 2, “Love-Bheits” Condition is excellent with no tears or kinks.

Digital production had not yet taken over the storyboard process. This meant a lot of drawings were done for scenes, then photocopied to size and cut into the board pages. This artwork is the original drawing later copied & used in the board.

This item and more is currently up for auction on eBay. Auction ends September 26, 2011.

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