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Episode Recap of “Every Which Way…”

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In this week’s episode of the Venture Bros, the good guys team up with the bad in order to stop Zeus from kidnapping just about everyone. If that sounds too straight forward, don’t forget the plot twists, tons of arguing, and the weirdest code names ever.

The episode starts with Zeus coming to take Billy. He calls for Pete, who runs in claiming to be the brains behind the duo. Zeus doesn’t know who Pete is, but he takes them both, perhaps just to shut them up. The kidnapping doesn’t stop there, as other scientist and hero types are taken. Hunter and Brock get ready for a boy’s night out at the local strip club. Shore Leave doesn’t want to go and tells them to “enjoy their shame.” Zeus shows up to take Shore Leave.

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Episode Reviews “Every Which Way But Zeus”

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I keep a safely guarded opening in my heart of hearts all week long, ever patient to fill that special hole with the latest installment from our pals at Astrobase Go. Dedicated readers will remember my slightly under-whelmed reactions to the last two episodes, but I loyally accepted those chapters into my special hole with the good faith of a steadfast partner who knows that love is not always perfect. Tonight, I felt totally rewarded for that faith, and completely thrilled by the performance. We were treated to a slew of old familiar faces such as the Lepidopterists, Captain Sunshine and Ghost Robot (R.I.P.) We also got to see some seriously low behavior from Rusty via his dirty talk to a Teddy Ruxpin rip-off, as well as some beautifully self-reflective softness as his true feelings toward Hank were expressed.

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