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Episode Recap of “Every Which Way…”

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In this week’s episode of the Venture Bros, the good guys team up with the bad in order to stop Zeus from kidnapping just about everyone. If that sounds too straight forward, don’t forget the plot twists, tons of arguing, and the weirdest code names ever.

The episode starts with Zeus coming to take Billy. He calls for Pete, who runs in claiming to be the brains behind the duo. Zeus doesn’t know who Pete is, but he takes them both, perhaps just to shut them up. The kidnapping doesn’t stop there, as other scientist and hero types are taken. Hunter and Brock get ready for a boy’s night out at the local strip club. Shore Leave doesn’t want to go and tells them to “enjoy their shame.” Zeus shows up to take Shore Leave.

Hank, Hatred, and Rusty sit down to some Apple Mummy. Rusty wants Hank to cover his ears and hum while he discusses the kidnappings. They test if Hank can’t hear by saying things like “Dean could beat up Hank” and “Hank wets his bed.” Rusty is sure the kidnapper will come, he’s Rusty Venture: Super Scientist and former boy adventurer.

As Brock and Hunter fly from the strip club, they have a conservation about a stripper’s “mournful tits.” Guild Wasps show up, Hunter tells Brock they’re all on the same side for this mission and he lands in a golf course covered in OSI agents. They’re both stripped down and told they are to be given cavity searches. Hunter screams “Cavity search my ass!…well, you know what I mean.” Lead by General Treister, a summit consisting of every group from the OSI, the Guild and even the Revenge Society try figure out who Zeus is. Treister gives them ridiculous code name like Brock’s “Topanga Lawerance” and Councilmen 3 and 8’s “Kenan and Kel.” Treister watched too much 90’s TV shows for his own good.

At an abandoned farm, 21 is fighting Ghost Robot to the death. Zeus, along with his mysterious lieutenant Zero, is capturing heroes and villains (mostly sidekicks and henchman) and making them fight. After 21 kills Ghost Robot, (can you actually kill a Ghost Robot?), we see Billy, Pete and Shore Leave together in a cell. Billy and Pete are freaking out over fighting, which leads to an argument where Shore Leave questions Pete’s sexuality because he’s acting like a “sissy” and wearing a pink shirt. Pete tries to cover it up by saying it’s his lucky shirt and when he got is it was red. Right…

Back at the Compound, Hatred feels sorry for Rusty. He orchestrates a fake kidnapping and Rusty is tied to a chair, blind folded. Hatred and Hank go through the motions while wearing Transformers and Hulk voice changing masks. Dean’s contribution to the torture is the best. He sits a Teddy Ruxpin in front of Rusty. He pours his heart out to it, even saying to kill Hank instead of Dean. Hank hears and starts questioning his dad about why he loves Dean more. Still blind folded and Hank’s voice still masked, Rusty explains he respects Hank. He isn’t a crybaby like Dean. This is first time we ever get an explanation about Rusty’s favoritism. It’s a touching moment even under the bizarre circumstances. Of course, the moment is spoiled by Rusty’s other revelations to Teddy like he’ll do “anything” (and he means anything ) in order to be let go and he can get Teddy crack, meth, or whatever he wants.

At the summit, the group examines who might be behind the kidnappings. The suspect is Captain Sunshine, but not the Sunshine we know. It’s revealed Desmond the butler was the first Sunshine. Desmond is actually locked up at the abandoned farm. Shore Leave and 21 team up to stop Zeus. A spear pierces Zeus and he’s a cardboard cut out. Zero then jumps on to the battlefield. It’s revealed that he’s Scott Hall. (Henchman 1 from the “Lepidopterists”) It seemed like Brock killed him at the end of the season 3 episode, but apparently not. I’m shocked, especially that he tricked Desmond into helping him. Pete and Billy manage to free the prisoners, who are reunited with their superiors in a very “Coke commercial way except with less singing and more tights.”

With the return of Henchman 1 (A.K.A. Scott Hall) and last week’s expansion of the Revenge Society, who else is going to come out of the woodwork?

Points of Interest:

Hatred admits Hank really does wet the bed.

“It’s like she put a dollar’s worth of change into some old socks and then taped them to her chest.” -Brock

Watch and Ward’s promise that if anything goes wrong, the next of kin will receive a giant bucket of blood and a nice card.

Brock telling Tiger Shark he slept with his wife.

Billy and Pete’s constant arguing even when they’re suppose to be dueling. “Stop fighting and start fighting.”

Billy’s fight with an 8 year old, who feel on spikes and died.

Hatred thinks it’s time to let Rusty go, but Hank wants to wait until the ransom checks clear.

The fact the summit accomplished nothing expect everyone being bored.

— Jennifer Amlie

Review by Jennifer Amlie, Junior Writer – The Venture Bros. Blog

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