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Episode Review “Everybody Comes to Hank’s”

Where can I get an application to HankCo? Episode 4.12 is a visionary masterpiece. As they have established time and again, Astrobase Go proves unafraid to take their sordid tale of woe into dark and risky places, ultimately providing us with a rich and thought-provoking story.

The opening of the episode seems like well-worn territory; Rusty continues to thrust Dean into his failed super-scientist footsteps with an internship in New York, even going so far as to make his sensitive son don an old suit that he himself wore in his intern days. He sternly lectures Hank about finding a job. Hatred is lovably quirky and befuddled on nighttime jet functions, and adorably excited about tickets to a Broadway production of the Music Man. Cut to a Hank-operated business reminiscent of exploits seen in season 1’s Tag Sale-You’re it! It makes sense, of course, that one of the only ways Hank can think to make money is by selling his father’s possessions; it’s one of the only examples he’s ever been given to follow. Once this comfortable Venture formula has been set up, however, the meat of the episode is revealed: the mystery of Dermott’s parentage, alluded to in past episodes but never fully scrutinized, is about to be investigated by Henry Allen Venture, expert gumshoe, and his girl-Friday, the Alchemist.

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Episode Recap of “Every Which Way…”

In this week’s episode of the Venture Bros, the good guys team up with the bad in order to stop Zeus from kidnapping just about everyone. If that sounds too straight forward, don’t forget the plot twists, tons of arguing, and the weirdest code names ever.

The episode starts with Zeus coming to take Billy. He calls for Pete, who runs in claiming to be the brains behind the duo. Zeus doesn’t know who Pete is, but he takes them both, perhaps just to shut them up. The kidnapping doesn’t stop there, as other scientist and hero types are taken. Hunter and Brock get ready for a boy’s night out at the local strip club. Shore Leave doesn’t want to go and tells them to “enjoy their shame.” Zeus shows up to take Shore Leave.

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Venturecast: The Diving Bell vs. The Butter-Glider

Listen to our fan podcast on the Venture Brothers with special guests, Chandra Free of the God Machine and Patrick McEvoy of Starkweather: Immortal; Also on the podcast is Holly and Marilee of Very Venture Vodcast. In this podcast, we review season 4, episode 9 of the Venture Brothers in “The Diving Bell vs. The Butter-Glider.”

[audio:] Click here to DOWNLOAD this episode

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Episode Review of “The Diving Bell vs. The Butter-Glider”

Tonight was the moment that Venture fandom had been anticipating with bated breath for months on end. Tortured by the split format of season four and the achingly wide chasm between the two halves, I found I was unable to disassociate my excited expectations when attempting to view the episode with the unbiased and critical eye of a cut-throat assessor. I bounced in my chair, squealing like a school-girl in the throes of spring’s first amorous breezes as soon as the episode began. If I may extend this metaphor, the opening of The Diving Bell vs. The Butter-Glider was passionately strong, dropping us directly into an ongoing crises wrought with tense excitement and explosions—it then abruptly careens us off a cliff and dissolves into slightly disappointing inaction, leaving me desperately wanting for more… just like a teenage crush.

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