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Picking Apart the Venture Bros Season 4.5 Trailer

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The second half of Venture Bros. Season 4 starts in less then a month. What little nuggets of truth and hilarity can we learn from the trailer? With images flying by at a rapid pace and not knowing the clips in their context, it can be hard to sort it out. After watching the Venture Bros. Season 4.5 trailer more times then should be allowed by law, this is what I think is going on.

The trailer opens with Dr. Venture in his underwear, blindfolded, tied up, and nipples clamped with wires running down them. A deep voice calls out his name. The scene pans back to show Hank, Dean, and Hatred. Hatred is holding the end of the wires and wearing a Transformers voice changing helmet. Dr. Venture gets shocked and says he’s up. Just another day at the Venture compound, it looks like. The scene then changes to announce the coming of season 4. whatever the hell it’s being called.

Interesting Trailer Scenes:

Picture 13

I believe Phantom Limb is Doc Ock like character. There’s a ton of Spider-Man references in the trailer including The Monarch’s glider and the guy who shoots web out of his back.

Picture 41

The black and white scene where Dermott is getting gut punched by a gangster (who looks a bit like the Alchemist) as Hank stands by looking tough. Is Hank dreaming or narrating a story? It doesn’t seem to fit anywhere except as a dream sequence type deal.

Picture 42

A bloody Shore Leave and a shirtless 21 (Hench 4 Life!) are fighting gladiators. It’s hard to tell who the gladiators are. I’m psyched that Shore Leave and S.P.H.I.N.X. appear to be teaming up with Two Ton 21. 21 must have proved himself while taking down Monstroso in the last episode.

Picture 15

Phantom Limb in his costume and fighting a huge robot while on a Diamond Dog. I’m guessing it’s a flashback. The last time we saw Phantom Limb, he was teamed up with a shoe, a mug, and a toaster.

Picture 43

The Monarch flying into the Venture compound and kidnapping an injured Rusty. As they leave, you can see Pete, Hatred, and Billy knocked out on the floor. There is another scene that has to happen before Rusty is taken. Hatred is full of tranquilizer darts and bear adrenalin. Rusty is lying on a table. There’s a dry erase board with all sorts of aliments written on one side of it. The other side describes a “pill popping”, “no exorcise”, “middle aged” man. Hmm…

Picture 21

The Monarch appears to be unconscious on a table as Dr. Mrs. The Monarch rips his costume open and tells 21 to keep him alive. This broke my heart. Even if it’s part of the possessing Dr. Venture clip that was shown at Comic Con, I never want to hear her say those words again.

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch gargling before bed. It’s thrown in there among all this chaos and fighting. Awesome.

Hunter’s “men don’t have secrets” talk. This is hilarious, but why is he giving that speech to Pete?

Picture 44

Is 21 losing his mind? How does a ghost order Dr. Mrs. The Monarch a drink? Why is she in the Henchmen lounge wearing a flimsy disguise anyway? So much speculative drama.

Picture 32

Hatred sings about his lost love. The look of anguish on Pete’s face is priceless. To make matters worse for Pete, they’re in the panic room and Hatred got something gross growing on his foot. Eww.

Picture 46

What can top a ballad about Princess Tinyfeet? Shore Leave’s “genital formal wear.” Brock’s not thrilled.

Picture 47

Dr. Venture, Hank, and Hatred are sitting in the kitchen eating Apple Mummy! Rusty’s complaining about being a marked man. He tells Hank to cover his ears and hum before talking to Hatred. To test that Hank can’t hear them, they proclaim Hank showers in throw up and Dean could beat him up, among other things. We don’t get hear what’s so important.

Picture 28

The trailer ends with dozens of undead Hank and Dean clones trying to hug The Monarch as he screams. Is this a nightmare or part of him possessing Rusty? Personally, I think it would be cool if it actually happened. Bring on the Hank and Dean Zombie Apocalypse!

What can we learn from the Venture trailer?

It looks like Hank ditched the Brock tribute mullet. Doc and Jackson said at Comic Con there will be more Brock and the trailer clearly shows this. Hatred is with the Ventures too. I think Hatred will still be the “official” bodyguard, with Brock and S.P.H.I.N.X. living on the Venture compound. Pete and Billy seem to be taking Conjectural Technologies to the next level. In the trailer, they are shown on what looks to be their motor scooter, but souped up and awesome. Perhaps they took Rusty’s offer to live at the compound and are now involved with S.P.H.I.N.X. activity. This could also explain Hunter’s “speech” to Pete. What else is S.P.H.I.N.X. doing? In the scene with Brock flying, it looks like he’s being chased by Guild helicopters.

Through a Cerebro type device, The Monarch possesses Rusty. It also seems to greatly harm him. Is this why 21 is briefly seen sitting in The Monarch’s throne? 24’s ghost is back, which I’m glad to see. Although, it’s possible that 21 is just going crazy and imagining he is still there. (I hope it’s really his ghost, though. ) My gut feeling about these scene is The Monarch is out of commission for awhile after the possession of Rusty. 21 and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch might run things together. Still, that doesn’t totally explain why she’s in disguise at the lounge. It looks shady, but I refuse to believe they would be meeting for anything nefarious.

Besides what’s shown in the trailer, there are other unanswered questions that hopefully will be addressed in the second half. It’s pretty obvious that Brock is Dermott’s dad. We still don’t know who his mom is or if it’s a new character or someone we know. We don’t know if 24’s death was an accident or not. I’m willing to bet the moppets pushed the button. King Gorilla and Underbheit are coming back, but to what extent is unknown. Although, King Gorilla looks like he maybe shacking up in Malice. There wasn’t too many The Order of the Triad clips in the trailer. Does that mean Orpheus and team will be playing a smaller role? The new episodes of Venture Bros season 4.5 start on September 12. Until then, Venture fans will be racking by their brains speculating about what’s next.

Review by Jennifer Amlie, Junior Writer – The Venture Bros. Blog

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