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Episode Recap of “Everybody Comes to Hank’s”

venture bros recap

In this week’s episode of the Venture Bros, a question that’s been lingering since season 3 is answered with a surprising twist. We also learn the memory wipe machine is working overtime, putting on a fedora everything turns black and white, and our little Hank is becoming a man.

The episode starts with Dean in a lime green leisure suit getting ready for an internship in New York. This spurs Rusty into badgering Hank to find employment better then “mafia don, fire eater, or traveling race car salesmen.” Fast forward four days and Hank has resurrected Hankco’s from season 1. No longer just a lemonade and grinder stand, Hank has turned it in into a Superstore. Besides being a glorified yard sale, Hankco’s is also a cafe, notary, and massage parlor.

When Dermott’s mom fails to pick him up, he calls his sister Nikki. Hank leads him over to Hankco’s detective agency. He goes into detective mode by putting on a fedora, turning the scene black and white. Hank realizes Dermott believes Brock is his father. While Hank is lost in noir detective land, the Alchemist notes that Dermott left hours ago with his mom. Nikki shows up and Detective Hank tells her case is “too dangerous.” Al says he’ll help Hank because: “Ah, the old private-dick game. I’m more public and less private about the dick game these days, but because I’m bored out of my gourd, let’s hear the case.”

They first go to Brock who flat out denies sleeping with Dermott’s mom. With the picture that’s shown, who can blame him? Then they confront Dermott. Using tough guy detective techniques, Hank gets Al to punch Dermott in the gut. He gives them a key on a Venture logo key ring that his mom said belonged to his dad.

Back at Hankco’s, Hatred has turned the cafe into a greasy hash house that only serves eggs and ketchup. Billy is there and tells Hank that Nikki runs a collectible store. He thinks she knows more then she’s letting on. Hank goes to visit her. Meanwhile, Al tells Dr. Orpheus that none of this is adding up since he knows that everyone is telling the truth.

At the Fictel residence, Hank confronts Nikki. He notices the room is filled with Rusty Venture stuff. Nikki is a big fan of the old show and really likes Hank. While Hank complains he’s the black sheep of the Venture clan, Nikki says he reminds her of the “real Rusty Venture.” As the scene ends, they kiss.

Dr. Orpheus performs a spell on the mystery keys. We see a pregnant Nikki arguing with her mom. Rusty walks through the door. Nikki’s mom explodes, screaming about how he had sex with the 15 year old president of his fan club. Rusty looks genuinely upset as he babbles about how he thought she was older and wants to make things right. Nikki’s mom tells him to get out before she presses charges and Rusty leaves the keys to the Compound.

In his post virginity losing excitement, Hank touches the keys and he learns the truth about Dermott, Nikki, and his dad. Cue the memory wiper. While Hank doesn’t want to remember what he found out, he still wants to remember he had sex. The memory wiper erases all recent memories, not selective ones. Poor Hank, his last words before getting into the machine are “I got laid!”

After the credits, Hank is sitting on his bed with his communicator watch. Pre-memory wipe Hank is explaining that he lost his virginity, but he found out a bunch of other stuff that’s best they forget. It’s ingenious of Hank record a message and I’m glad he gets to know. Dean walks in the room, covered in mud. Apparently, his summer job didn’t go so well. A portal opens up in the room and out steps a very fit Rusty with a full head of hair. He looks like skinny Jonas. A question mark pops up and the scene fades. Next week, we’ll see what Dean’s internship with the Revenge Society was like.

Finally the mystery of Dermott’s parents opened in “The Buddy System” is solved. The way everything was handled from Rusty’s offering to help Nikki to Hank losing his virginity to the mom of his half brother is that perfect Venture mix of weird, almost touching, and slightly creepy.

Points of Interest:

First and most importantly: Hank loses his virginity. Go Hank!

Shore Leave and Al slept together. Although Al got his memory wiped when he became too clingy.

Al telling Dr. O “remember when your wife screwed you without the paperwork?”

Hank and his detective’s whip. Reminds me of his costume in the beginning of “The Trial of the Monarch.”

The Monarch’s henchmen playing keep away with Hank’s hat at the mall.

Al calling Dermott “Pudgy McTalk a Lot.”

— Jennifer Amlie

Episode Recap by Jennifer Amlie, Junior Writer – The Venture Bros. Blog

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