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The Venture Bros. Season 4, Vol. 1 DVD – October 26th

venture bros season 4 volume 1 dvdThe Venture Bros. Season 4, Vol. 1 DVD set contains the first eight episodes of the already legendary, fan-favored fourth season (so epic that the entire run cannot be safely contained in one dvd release), raw and uncensored in their full, animated glory. Everything you know within the Venture world is turned upside-down as Brock leaves the bodyguard lifestyle behind, Hank rebels against authority, Dean grows a sort-of-mustache, and Henchman 21 ascends to the status of total badass. This disc also comes packaged in a mocked-up “speedsuit” box design, fashioned for the media archivist who knows both comfort and ease and demands them from his DVD collection. This is sure to be the crown jewel of your ever-expanding line of Venture products, until Season 4, Vol. 2 comes out.

The Venture Bros. Season 4, Volume 1 DVD is available Tuesday, October 26th!

  • Features all 8 uncensored episodes from the first half of season 4
  • Includes deleted scenes, commentary on every episode, a special Comic-Con promo, and the Lost Open
  • Inarguable, the best first half of season 4 of the Venture Bros. ever made


Price: $20.00
Availability: Ships on 10/26/10

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