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Lola Benefit: Hunter Gathers Stripper Sequence

stripper hunter 01

From Stephen DeStefano’s private collection comes one hell of a sequence! This is a rare, one of a kind, storyboard sequence from the Venture Brothers, Season 3, Episode ORB. In this sequence, Brock visits Hunter Gathers, who is working as an exotic dancer after his sex change. A total of 12 storyboards on 11 x 8.5 in xeroxed storyboard pages and 34 original, beautifully drawn Post-it notes. This sequence and more is up for auction on eBay. Auction ends November 16, 2010.

> Click Here to Bid on “ORB” Storyboard Auction

stripper hunter 02

stripper hunter 022

stripper hunter 03

stripper hunter 04

stripper hunter 06


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