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Jackson Responds to Dead Henchmen Society Rumors

jackson publick

The following is quoted from Jackson Publick’s Live Journal Blog on 11/25/10 —

All right…this is getting crazy. There are only two possible explanations, and Brock (spelled “Samson,” not “SamPson”) has nothing to do with either of them:

1. It’s all in 21’s mind: Henchman 24 is not really a ghost, but a figment of 21’s imagination. A psychological haunting rather than a supernatural one. Likewise, the just-murdered Monstroso henchman was also a figment of 21’s overactive imagination. It makes no difference whatsoever that 21 was walking away at the time–these figments weren’t talking to any other live person, they were just playing out a scene with each other. Call it “mental background action,” or “the back of 21’s mind” if it makes you feel better. Hell, I’ve got the entire cast of Venture Bros. talking to each other in the back of my mind most of the time. As for the whole chloroform thing in “Pinstripes & Poltergeists,” Henchman 24 explains it best himself in that same episode when 21 insists that he’s real and helps him all the time: “Do I? Or do I just let you feel secure enough to trust your intuition?”

2. Henchman 24 and the Monstroso henchman are real ghosts: This only works if “Baba Oje” is a dead guy who just happens to look like Baba Oje, or he’s some sort of construct of 24’s himself. Perhaps an afterlife con man lying to both 21 and 24 for his own purposes.

I know which of these I prefer (and intended) but I’m gonna be all pretentious singer/songwriter about it and say “it’s open to interpretation” or “I don’t explain my lyrics.”

– Jackson Publick

[Publick Nuisance]
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