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Adult Swim UK Interview with Astrobase Go!

jackson publick doc hammer dragon con 2010

Gritty Chimp’s interview with Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer of the Venture Brothers. You can read this interview and more on Gritty Chimp’s Blog at Adult Swim UK. You can also listen to audio of the interview below, courtesy of Adult Swim Central.

It’s pretty tough being a UK Adult Swim fan sometimes. Unlike our US cousins we have no nightly block on Cartoon Network and instead rely on the tireless work of the guys and gals over at for our daily fix. But we don’t let the lack of TV presence get us down, thanks to them we get episodes up on the site at the same time as the US and have an ever expanding UK fan base flocking to Adult Swim UK, hungry for more of Williams Street’s finest.

My job over at the UK site to write the ‘Guide to’ blog where I dissect the programming and give UK folks a flavor of what the shows are about. My favorite show above all others is The Venture Bros. and when I was asked to do a bio piece on the shows creators I thought I’d take it one further and try and get an interview. So I fired off a few emails and held my breath. What happened was this, possibly the strangest hour in front of a computer I’ve ever had. On a cold November night I sat down for a live one to one video call with Astrobase Go. Armed with cigarettes and some cheap lime vodka I took to questioning Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick with a heady mix of fear and raw adrenalin. This is what happened — Enjoy!

— Gritty Chimp, Adult Swim UK

Adult Swim UK – Gritty Chimp Interview Part One

Adult Swim UK – Gritty Chimp Interview Part Two

Listen to Adult Swim UK Interview with Astrobase Go!


jackson publick doc hammer astrobase go

Art Credit: Annie Wu
Photo Credit: Marc Ilagan

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