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The Venture Brothers Year In Review 2010

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As this year comes to a close, we a look back at the Venture news and interviews that made 2010. Below is a selection of some of our favorite moments from this year. Highlights include Bif Bang Pow’s toyline of 8 inch Action Figures and Bobble Heads; 2010 Convention Coverage; Production Art Auctions on eBay; Teasers and Trailers; Home Video Release; Creator Interviews and more! And with confirmation from Jackson Publick, that the Venture Brothers will return… the Future is WOW! Happy New Year, Venturoos!

venture bros ka boomBif Bang Pow! Announces Venture Toy Line
Manufacturer and Cartoon Network Enterprises announce a new line of action figures, bobble heads and vehicles based on the Adult Swim Series, the Venture Brothers. Bif Bang Pow! and Cartoon Network Enterprises, the licensing and merchandising arm of Adult Swim, blast off for action with today’s partnership announcement [read more]

emce toys megoBif Bang Pow!/EMCE Venture Bros. Toyline
Announcing one of the widest ranges of highly articulated 8-inch retro-style action figures in years. In cooperation with EMCE Toys, Bif Bang Pow!™ is proud to bring the original “’70s style” of play to a brand-new line of articulated action figures based on some of the world’s most popular properties. [read more]

venture bros action figuresVenture Bros. Action Figure Prototypes
Bif Bang Pow! debuted six retro styled action figure prototypes for Adult Swim’s the Venture Brothers at Toy Fair 2010 in New York. Photos of the prototypes were later published on The prototypes received mix reactions from fans online. Fans called out details to expression, body type, attire, tailoring [read more]

jackson publick teaserJackson Publick Answers Viewer Questions
Jackson Publick added a new blog entry to Publick Nuisance yesterday. Entitled A Bold New Day Dawns, the post answers fan questions about Season 4.2, DVD release, Comic-Con and VB toys. Jackson touched on some of the frustrations producing the show and talks a bit about the character development of [read more]

venture bros monarch bobbleheadsPre-order Venture Bros. Bobble Heads
Back in January, Bif Bang Pow! and Adult Swim announced news of an upcoming Venture Bros. toy line. According to the press release, Bif Bang Pow! will produce fully articulated action figures, retro style Mego dolls, vehicles, and bobble heads. Images of two Venture Bros. bobble heads sprung up on Entertainment Earth today. According to sources, the bobble heads will stand roughly seven [read more]

mocca logoMoCCA: An Evening with Jackson Publick
Animation journalist Joe Strike sits down with Jackson Publick, creator of Adult Swim series, The Venture Bros. for the first in a series of “Interview with an Animator” conversations. After screening scenes from the show, Strike and Publick will discuss Venture’s creation and evolution, Publick’s career, and his perspective on [read more]

exclusive venture bros henchmen 21 24Comic-Con Exclusive Henchmen 21 & 24
Entertainment Earth and San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Exclusive! Bif Bang Pow! blasts off for action with this line of fully articulated, 8-inch tall action figures based on Adult Swim’s all-the-rage animated series The Venture Bros. You’ll find the most popular and recognizable characters from the show faithfully represented [read more]

doc hammer jack publick red nose netThe Venture Bros. for Comic Relief UK
On May 1st at noon going into May 2nd at noon, Ken Plume of and Widgett Walls of held their second 24 Hour Marathon for Comic Relief UK. The duo brought together an all-star cast of celebs from all forms of geekdom including Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett of RiffTrax/MST3000 [read more]

adult swim venture bros action figuresVenture Bros. Action Figures on Adult Swim
Adult Swim bump featuring EMCE prototypes of the Venture Brothers action figures by Bif Bang Pow. Pre-order is now available for August 2010 release. Visit for product updates, specific character announcements. Pre-order Venture Bros. action figures and bobble heads exclusively at [read more]

adult swim centralVenture Bros. Blog joins Adult Swim Central
The Venture Bros. Blog has teamed up with Adult Swim Central to deliver the latest news and information from Adult Swim shows. AS Central is the number one collective of Adult Swim fan sites, covering shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Metalocalypse, Squidbillies, Delocated and more. Adult Swim Central is also home to [read more]

brock samson bobbleheadFirst Look at Brock Samson Bobble Head
Toy News International has a first look at the Brock Samson bobble head by Bif Bang Pow! T.N.I. posted a variety of images of the bobble head with and without packaging on their site. Brock Samson is wearing his signature guayabera and is ready for action! The bobble head stands about 7 inches tall and is available for [read more]

dr orpheus bobble head1First Look at Dr. Orpheus Bobble Head
The good folks at Bif Bang Pow! have given Venture Bros. Blog an exclusive sneak peek at the Dr. Orpheus bobble head and packaging. The bobble heads are authentically detailed and stand roughly 7 inches tall. Orpheus bobble heads are now available for pre-order at for $12.99 and will ship [read more]

animation auction for gulf coast reliefAnimation Auction for Gulf Coast Relief is having a 10 day animation auction on eBay to aid clean up in our Gulf Coast. After shipping costs, proceeds from the auction will go to The Colbert Nation’s Gulf of America Fund, managed by The Baton Rouge Area Foundation. Colbert Nation, along with have made a $100,000 commitment to [read more]

animation auction on adult swimAnimation Auction on Adult Swim
To aid clean up efforts in the Gulf Coast, will be auctioning off production drawings from The Venture Bros. starting Monday, June 14 on eBay. After shipping costs, proceeds from the auction will go to The Colbert Nation’s Gulf of America Fund, managed by The Baton Rouge Area Foundation. The [read more]

venture bros card packagingFirst Look at Venture Bros. Card Packaging
The good folks at BifBangPow! have given the Megomuseum another early look at their packaging, this time for Henchmen 24 and 21 from the hit series “The Venture Bros.” If you think they pretty true to the show, it’s because show creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer designed them, you can’t get a better pedigree than that! [read more]

jg thirlwell steroid maximus liveSteroid Maximus Live – June 18th
JG Thirlwell will be performing his Steroid Maximus project as a twenty piece band with brass section and strings at Prospect Park for the Celebrate Brooklyn Festival on June 18, 2010. Steroid Maximus will be performing the Ectopia album and selections from the score of The Venture Brothers. Rain or shine, and it’s FREE! Mark [read more]

weep worn thinPre-order Weep ‘Worn Thin’ – July 13th
Worn Thin, the first full-length from NYC’s WEEP, takes their aggressive and firmly pop-structured songs to a place of heightened grandeur. Sweeping choruses, horn-driven verses, and lush production work seamlessly with WEEP’s guitar and drum-driven sound. At times the listener is reminded of The Head [read more]

doc hammer geeks onlyDoc Hammer – Geeks Only
Doc Hammer posted a new blog entry to his Soulbot profile on Myspace today. Entitled “Geeks Only,” Doc gives us a brief history of the Guild of Calamitous Intent through a series of logos, showing the progression of the Guild through the Venture time line. With the update, Doc confirms that he and Jackson Publick will be [read more]

venture bros season4 volume1 dvdSeason 4 Volume 1 DVD Announced
Warner Home Video has announced that Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros. Season 4, Volume 1 will come to DVD on October 26th. This 2-disc set has only been announced for DVD. You’ll get 8 episodes, completely uncensored: “Blood Of The Father, Heart Of Steel”; “Handsome Ransom”; “Perchance To Dean”; “Return [read more]

venture bros returnThe Venture Bros. Return September 12th
Venture fans have been eagerly awaiting news of the second half of the Venture Bros. Season 4 since “Pinstripes vs. Poltergeists” aired in December. Online rumors stemming from an Adult Swim bump in January suggested that the second half would premiere on August 22. Jackson Publick posted on his Live Journal blog [read more]

adult swim logoAdult Swim Product Line SDCC 2010
Pony up, San Diego! Later this month, the Adult Swim Shop will hit Comic-Con International with what are sure to be “must-have” items that fanboys will buy and then brag to their friends and blog about. The Adult Swim Shop ( knows just what you want – Comic-Con exclusives, one-of-a-kind [read more]

venture bros adultswim merchandiseAdult Swim Shop at SDCC 2010
Adult Swim Shop has exclusive t-shirts and prints available at San Diego Comic-Con 2010. Available at the Adult Swim booth are Venture Bros. convention posters measuring 24″ x 24″, posters are limited edition with a run of 200 prints only. Also available at the booth is a exclusive SDCC S.P.H.I.N.X. t-shirt in brown! The [read more]

venture bros silent auction sdcc 2010Adult Swim Shop Silent Auction
Adult Swim Shop hosted a silent auction at the Adult Swim booth for three exclusive Venture Bros. production art pieces. Production art from the Venture Bros. included “Rusty’s Escape” from Powerless in the Face of Death, Brock’s “O.S.I. examination” from Mid-Life Chrysalis and a production drawing of Henchmen 21. The silent [read more]

venture bros sdcc action figures revealNew Venture Bros. Action Figures Revealed
Bif Bang Pow! and Entertainment Earth debuted a new set of officially licensed Venture Bros. action figures at San Diego Comic-Con. The new set includes Dr. Orpheus, Phantom Limb, Dr. Girlfriend and Hank Venture! Also on display at the Entertainment Earth booth were the first set of action figures, Henchmen 21 and 24, [read more]

bif bang pow jason lenzi venture bros interviewInterview with Bif Bang Pow’s Jason Lenzi
ason Lenzi of Bif Bang Pow sits down with Marc Ilagan of the Venture Bros. Blog to discuss the Venture Brothers toyline at San Diego Comic-Con 2010. Jason Lenzi is a seasoned television producer and the ultimate fan everything of pop culture. Lenzi created Bif Bang Pow in 2005, he took a fan’s perspective on bringing [read more]

adult swim panel sdcc 2010Adult Swim Panel SDCC 2010 has released official footage from Adult Swim’s Comic-Con panel featuring the creators of Robot Chicken, Metalocalypse and the Venture Bros. Hunker down for an intimate discussion with fans about their respective shows, little league teams and how to hump your friends with toys. Adult Swim [read more]

venture bros panel sdcc 2010Venture Bros. Panel SDCC 2010 released official footage from the Venture Bros. panel discussion from San Diego Comic-Con 2010. The panel comprised of the creators of the animated series, Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer with special guests, actors James Urbaniak and Patrick Warburton. This panel was recorded at the Indigo Ballroom at the [read more]

venture bros new seasonThe Venture Bros. New Season Trailer
Released the other day on, the official trailer of the new season of the Venture Bros. The trailer originally premiered at Comic-Con and opens with the question what should the new episodes be called? Fans may recall that season 4 was split into two halves, the first half aired from October to December [read more]

venture bros robot chicken crossoverVenture Bros. – Robot Chicken Crossover?
At the Adult Swim panel with the creators of Robot Chicken and the Venture Bros., Keith Crofford, VP of production at Adult Swim posed the question of a Robot Chicken – Venture Bros. crossover. With newly released Venture Bros. action figures at Comic-Con, a crossover between the two shows seems like a possibility. [read more]

pulpo 8 person exhibitPulpO: Eight Person Exhibit – August 6th
Tulum Gallery is proud to present PulpO, an eight-person group show of new drawings and paintings by New York-based artists in animation, illustration, and the fine arts. Showing together in a variety of styles and media, these eight artists draw from their backgrounds as representational artists to cultivate narratives [read more]

unboxing venture bros action figuresUnboxing Venture Bros. Action Figures
The other day, I opened all of my Venture Bros. action figures online. I had long debated if I should open these retro style action figures or keep ‘em mint in box. It was a tough decision because the packaging was signed by Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, co-creators of the show. Under these conditions, breaking them out [read more]

adult swim venture bros sdcc interviewAdult Swim Interview with Jason Lenzi
Adult Swim video interview with Bif Bang Pow’s Jason Lenzi on the Venture Bros. toyline at Comic-Con. On display and for sale at the convention were six retro style action figures by Bif Bang Pow. The company also debuted four upcoming action figures, Dr. Orpheus, Dr. Girlfriend, Phantom Limb, and Hank Venture. Coming [read more]

sideshow collectibles venture bros production peakSideshow Collectibles Venture Bros. License
Sideshow Collectibles has acquired the license to produce 12″ Venture Bros. collectible statues. The team at Sideshow Collectibles are huge fans of the show and say that it’s a great project to work on. They mention in their “New Licenses” video that the design team at Sideshow are starting with a Brock Samson collectible [read more]

jackson publick production updateJackson Publick Production Update
Jackson Publick updated his blog at Publick Nuisance today. Entitled Nocturnal Emissions, he gives us a production update on the upcoming episodes of the Venture Bros. season 4. Jackson writes that five of the episodes have been completed, while the last three episodes are nearing the final stages of production. [read more]

venture bros trailer recutNew Venture Bros. S4V2 Trailer
Aired last night and posted today on is a new re-cut trailer of the New Season of The Venture Bros. Fans may note that the previously released teasers were not as telling as this new trailer. The trailer tells of the danger Team Venture is facing and poses the question of who is really arching who? [read more]

venture bros season premiereVenture Bros. S4V2 Premiere Episode
Posted today on is a sneak peak of the Venture Bros. premiere episode of “The Diving Bell vs. The Butter Glider.” The semi-season opener finds Dr. Venture semi-paralyzed in a trauma-induced coma. Sgt. Hatred and the boys recruit the medical minds of Conjectural Technologies for the mystery diagnosis. [read more]

weepWEEP Live at Dragon*Con 2010
Doc Hammer posted on his Myspace blog that WEEP will be performing at Dragon*Con this year. Weep will be playing with Projekt label-mates, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Voltaire, and The Cruxshadows on Friday, September 3rd at the Marriott Atrium Ballroom. Also announced, was news of a Worn Thin [read more]

venture bros panel dragon conVenture Bros. Panel at Dragon*Con 2010
Released on is official footage of the Venture Bros. panel with Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer. The laws of standard panel Q&A’s give way to dynamic video gold as Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick dive headfirst into a crowd of their adoring fans to field questions, drop knowledge, and deliver [read more]

venture party dragon conVenture Party at Dragon*Con 2010
Come celebrate Dragon*Con with fellow Venturoo’s on Saturday, September 4th at 6:00pm to 9:00pm at Pulse Bar & Lounge at the Marriott Marquis. Special guests include Anne Marie Gearhart of People’s Republic of Venture and the girls of the Very Venture Vodcast, hosted by the Venture Bros. Blog. [read more]

cult of the venture brosThe Cult of the Venture Brothers
The Venture Bros., which begins the second half of its fourth season Sunday night at 11:30 on Adult Swim, is a curious show. It hasn’t won the awards that Robot Chicken and The Boondocks have. It didn’t spawn a rock band with a Billboard top 20 album like Metalocalypse did. It doesn’t have the super hip love-it-or-hate-it [read more]

nathan fillion guest voice venture brosNathan Fillion to Voice on Venture Bros.
Jackson Publick posted a new blog entry on Publick Nuisance today. Entitled “Tonight’s the Night,” he modestly encourages people to watch the season premiere of the Venture Bros. on Adult Swim. With the post, he gives us new information on a special guest voice this season, actor Nathan Fillion. Nathan Fillion is popularly [read more]

david bowieDavid Bowie Panel at Dragon*Con 2010
Recorded live at Dragon*Con, David Bowie: Loving the Alien hosted by Dark Fantasy. The panel is a look back at lasting influence of David Bowie on film and music. Panelist include John Everson, Athan Maroulis, Mari Mancusi and Doc Hammer. Dark Fantasy panel moderated by DJ Ichabod, recorded on [read more]

weep album infoWEEP Album Info by Doc Hammer
Doc Hammer gives Adult Swim a confusing chart to aid in understanding his band WEEP. He gives us the hard, touchy, and feely qualities of each album and tells of the pros and cons. “Worn Thin” by WEEP was released in July, followed by “6 Interpretations”, a remix album that debuted at Dragon*Con 2010. [read more]

astrobase go pre show bumpAstrobase Go Pre-show Bump
Pre-show bump featuring Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer of Astrobase Go. Jackson and Doc used voice changing masks for special effects in the new episode. This bump aired before the The Venture Bros. in “Any Which Way But Zeus,” on Sunday, September 26, 2010 on Adult Swim. [read more]

new venture bros blogNew Venture Brothers Blog Website Launch
Welcome to the NEW Venture Bros. Blog, I have redesigned the site to better focus on content and web media. Our new homepage features the latest news and reviews and can now accommodate a variety of ad sizes and promos. Page two stories can be easily be shared via sociable buttons at the bottom of each [read more]

venture bros season finaleVenture Bros. Season Finale – November 21st
Adult Swim’s On Air Schedule indicates that the Venture Bros. Season 4 Finale, “Operation: P.R.O.M.” will air on Sunday, November 21st at 11:30pm. Jackson Publick says the season finale will air as a “Hour Long Extravaganza.” Watch the new season of the Venture Bros. on Adult Swim. [read more]

venture bros season4 volume1 dvd releaseVenture Bros. Season 4 Vol. 1 DVD Release
The Venture Bros. Season 4, Vol. 1 DVD set contains the first eight episodes of the already legendary, fan-favored fourth season (so epic that the entire run cannot be safely contained in one dvd release), raw and uncensored in their full, animated glory. Everything you know within the Venture world is turned upside-down as Brock [read more]

pre order venture bros action figuresPre-order New Venture Bros. Action Figures
Bif Bang Pow! and Entertainment Earth debuted a new series of officially licensed Venture Bros. action figures at San Diego Comic-Con. The new sets include Dr. Orpheus, Phantom Limb, Dr. Girlfriend and Hank Venture! The new wave of action figures are now available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth. The new action [read more]

doc hammer on facebookDoc Hammer Joins Facebook
Doc Hammer announces to fans that he’s joined Facebook and bids farewell to Myspace in a blog post. Fans were originally skeptical of the Facebook profile due to Doc Hammer’s allegiance to Myspace. But in the weeks leading up to this post, fans confirmed the authenticity of the account. “I’m on Facebook, and I did it for you. [read more]

venture bros halloweenVenture Bros. Halloween 2010
Halloween isn’t just for kids! Join us in our forum discussion and share your Venture Brothers costume creations and scientastic pumpkin carvings! Please include costume ideas, parties, activities, and drunk Henchmen photos! Forum allows for photos and video, please note that the max image size in the discussion is 600px. [read more]

venture bros nycc panelVenture Bros. Panel NYCC 2010
Released on Adult Swim is official footage from the Venture Bros. Panel at New York Comic-Con 2010. Panelists include co-creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer with special guest, Michael Sinterniklaas. Watch an intimate Q&A session with Doc, Jackson, Mike, and a room full of sweaty, anxious fans. Adult Swim [read more]

venture bros season4 volume2 premiereVenture Bros. S4V2 Finale Announced
Adult Swim bump announces the season finales of Delocated, Childrens Hospital, and the Venture Brothers. Fans may note, the bump mislabels the Venture Brothers season 4 finale as season 2. Celebrate the new season of the Venture Bros., tune in November 21st at 11:30pm for the Season Finale of [read more]

newsarama interview astrobase goNewsarama Interview with Astrobase GO
Newsarama talks with the creators of The Venture Bros., Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer at New York Comic Con 2010. In the video interview, they talk about the writing, story continuity and their love for the characters. The Season Finale of the Venture Bros. airs November 21st at 11:30pm on Adult Swim. [read more]

venture bros nycc press panelVenture Bros. Press Panel at NYCC 2010
Sure they had a public panel, but why do that when you can get up close and personal with the creators of The Venture Bros, Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, at a press-only round table? See what happens when Team Suvudu meets Team Venture in this exclusive video at New York Comic Con! [read more]

venture bros season finale teaserVenture Bros. Season 4 Finale – Nov. 21st
Released on Adult Swim is a teaser of the Venture Bros. Season Finale of “Operation P.R.O.M.” Homeschool prom turns ugly in an intense, hour-long event. The Venture boys embrace societies most feared school dance, will they live to look back at their rented suits with horror? The Season Finale will air on Sunday [read more]

operation prom promosJackson Publick & Doc Hammer for P.R.O.M.
Released on Adult Swim are two video promos for the Season Finale of the Venture Brothers, featuring Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer. Doc and Jackson invite viewers to celebrate the special, hour-long extravaganza this Sunday. Check out the new Adult Swim trailer for Operation P.R.O.M. [read more]

operation prom music playlistOpearation P.R.O.M. Music Playlist
Here’s a video playlist of the music referenced and featured in the Venture Brothers, Season Finale of Operation: PROM. This playlist includes ‘Jacket’ by Shallow Gravy and ‘Like a Friend’ by Pulp. Also featured in the playlist is Arrested Development’s ‘Mr. Wendel’ and Salt-N-Pepa’s ‘Push It’ [read more]

weep plays cakeshopWEEP Plays Cakeshop – December 8th
WEEP will be playing a show at Cakeshop, on December 8th at 10pm. Weep is composed of Doc Hammer (vocals, guitar), Fred Macaraeg (bass), Alex Dziena (keyboard), and Bill Kovalcik (drums). For more information visit, WEEP’s Facebook Page or on Myspace at weeptheband. RSVP to this event HERE. [read more]

adult swim uk interview astrobase goAdult Swim UK Interview with Astrobase GO
Gritty Chimp’s interview with Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer of the Venture Brothers. You can read this interview and more on Gritty Chimp’s Blog at Adult Swim UK. You can also listen to audio of the interview below, courtesy of Adult Swim Central. It’s pretty tough being a UK Adult Swim fan sometimes. Unlike our US [read more]

venture bros christmas catalogVenture Bros. Christmas Catalog 2010
With Christmas just around the corner, here’s our Christmas Catalog of officially licensed Venture Brothers merchandise from Adult Swim Shop. Products include 8 inch Venture Bros. Action Figures and Bobble Heads. Also available is the Venture Bros. Season 4 Volume 1 DVD and 30 x 11 inch Bill Sienkiewicz Art Prints! [read more]

jackson publick lola benefitJackson Publick – Buy Stuff For Other People
Jackson Publick posted a new blog entry on Publick Nuisance today. Entitled “Buy Stuff For Other People,” Jackson talks about the Venture Brothers Storyboard Auctions on eBay, hosted by the DeStefano’s. Jackson mentions in the post, that the new wave of 8″ Mego Venture Brothers Action Figures are now available for [read more]

venture bros season4 volume2 dvd1Venture Bros. Season 4 Volume 2 Announced
Warner Home Video has announced, the Venture Bros. Season 4 Volume 2 DVD release on March 22nd! The second half of Season 4 comes on 1 disc and includes Completely Uncensored Episodes, Deleted Scenes, and Creator Commentary. Episodes are presented in high-def widescreen video in English – Dolby Surround [read more]

venture bros season4 blurayVenture Bros. Season 4 Bluray Announced
Warner Home Video has announced, the Venture Bros. Season 4 Blu-ray release on March 22nd! The Complete 4th Season comes on 2 Blu-ray discs and includes Completely Uncensored Episodes, Deleted Scenes, and Creator Commentary. Episodes are presented in high-def widescreen video in English – Dolby Surround [read more]

james urbaniak christmas songThe James Urbaniak Christmas Song
Throughout the month of December, A Site Called Fred will be featuring a series of exclusive holiday singles for Holiday Havoc 2010; All of which are FREE to Download and Share. You can make site donations at FRED Holiday Single #16: “The James Urbaniak Christmas Song” [read more]

venture bros christmas single 2010Venture Bros. Christmas Single 2010
Over the years, Astrobase Go (Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer) have produced holiday singles for Ken Plume’s Holiday Havoc on asitecalledFRED. Below is a link to the new Venture Brothers holiday tune for 2010. Venture Brothers Christmas Single 2010, “Fan Club Christmas Album 2010” by Shallow Gravy. [read more]

sideshow collectibles venture bros revealedSideshow Collectibles Statues Revealed
Revealed online in 12 Days of Sideshow, a sneak peek at the Brock Samson and Molotov Cocktease statues by Sideshow Collectibles. Announced back in August, the company will produce 12 inch statues of characters from the popular Adult Swim show, the Venture Bros. In the months leading up to the reveal, the company has [read more]

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