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Petition to Get David Bowie On The Venture Brothers

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Dearest Venturoos,

How goes your New Year’s resolutions? OK, you guess? Only so-so? Well, it may be time for you to tell your old resolutions to suck it. It may be time for a new New Year’s resolution, one with: Emotional highs and lows! A warm fuzzy feeling and the comforting buzz of the hive mind! Oh yeah, and the Venture Brothers. Trying to cut back on caffeine is looking pretty lame now, right?

This is our new-New Year’s resolution, and we sincerely hope you’ll adopt it as your own!

bowie petition 03To make as big a stink on the Interwebs in the hopes that David Bowie would graciously agree to lend his voice to Season 5 of the Venture Brothers, thereby allowing hundreds of fanboys and girls to die happy (not to mention the show’s creators).

As you know, the Sovereign is none other than legendary rockstar and shapeshifter David Bowie. As such, Mr. Bowie holds the most revered position of any character on the show and frankly, it’s hard to imagine anyone else being better suited to voice him on the show.

Up to now, the Sovereign has been voiced by James Urbaniak, but as well performed and as lovingly crafted, the Venture Brothers deserves a shot at the genuine artifact.

So, what can you do to help? Sign the petition below and tell all your friends about it. Share this link on Facebook and Twitter. Forward it to everyone and ask them to do the same. Get creative and help us make this petition a sensation in 2011.

david bowie venture bros sovereign

If the Internet have given us anything, it’s the power to reach out to people. If this petition winds up in David Bowie’s inbox, we all deserve a high-five. So, earn yourself some good geek karma and give back to your favorite show. Thanks for your time and support!

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Sign Our Petition to Get David Bowie on the Venture Brothers

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