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Too Art For TV 5 – March 25th

too art for tv erebuni gallery

Erebuni Gallery, in collaboration with the curating group BunnyCutlet, is proud to host the fifth annual showing of Too Art for TV, an exhibition featuring exceptional new works from 40 animation industry artists. After it’s first opening in 2006, Too Art for TV has become an important and reliable outlet for New York animation artists.

Animation is collaborative by necessity — an animated production needs many skilled hands to come to life, and in the process, the countless creative contributions that are made by individuals become immersed in the whole. Teams of people who specialize in style adaptation, drawing, painting, movement, timing, and visual storytelling work together to bring about one coherent television episode or feature film. The process is time consuming, and due to production budget shrinkages and workload increases, artists in animation find themselves devoting every scrap of their creative energy to their jobs. As an annual event, Too Art for TV serves as a reminder that there is a space for the idiosyncratic musings of the animation industry artist.

Animation as an art form continues to evolve and capture the imagination. The artists who are drawn to this field love pop culture, comic books, cinema and technology. They are illustrators, cinematographers, directors, and painters. When these skills and influences are funneled through a more experimental and expressive fine art body, the resulting visuals are at once whimsical and elaborate, as well as peculiar, juvenile, sweet and seductive.

Too Art for TV is featuring, once again, the large-scale traditional oil paintings of animation painter Chris Fisher, the jubilant woodland encounters depicted by Jen Hill’s acrylics, the quixotic paintings of animator Kelly Denato, as well as dozens of others in animation. For the first time, Too Art for TV will be showcasing explosive geek-art collages by digital artist Martin Abrahams, new inks on paper by animation director John Dilworth, pulp-comic inspired oils of Titmouse Inc. founder Chris Prynoski, as well as many more.


Friday, March 25th, 2011, 6pm to 9:30pm

March 25th through April 23rd

Erebuni Gallery, 158 Roebling Street,
Williamsburg, NY 11211

Martin Abrahams
Liz Artinian
Amanda Baehr-Fuller
Jennifer Batinich
Chris Beaumont
Robbie Busch
Jimmy Calhoun
Christy Karacas
Greg Condon
Kelly Denato
John R. Dilworth
Maya Edelman
Chris Fisher
Chris George
Paul Greer
Kaori Hamura
Jen Hill
Peter J. Lazarski
Todd K. Lown
Richard Mather
Jessica Milazzo
Brad Mossman
Michael Mucci
Justin Offner
Laurie O’Brien
Chris Palesty
Deo Pangandoyon
Sasha Parmasad
Dan Pinto
Isam Prado
Lynne Pritchard
Chris Prynoski
Michael Ricca
Derek Rippe
Tim Shankweiler
Justin Simonich
Machi Tantillo
Martin Wittig

Curator: Liz Artinian
Animation Curator: Tom Bayne
Assistant Curator: Lulu Wu
Promotion: Eric Schutzbank & Kate Sullivan
Kelly Denato
Chris George
Jessica Milazzo
Jackson Publick
Justin Simonich
Lulu Wu

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