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Porkchop Sandwiches by Fensler Productions

Fensler Films is a video production company, based in Chicago, Illinois and headed by Eric Fensler. The company gained a reputation for a series of short films which parodied the public service announcement safety messages used at the end of every episode of the 1980s animated series G.I. Joe. Fensler re-cut them, in some cases adding new animation, and dubbed them over with new audio, frequently nonsensical non-sequiturs. A number of the films specifically poke fun at the low quality of animation common in cartoons of the era, pointing out poor in-betweening and lip syncing. Fensler Films received a cease-and-desist order from Hasbro resulting in the removal of all G.I. Joe videos from the official site. Recently, they have reappeared on the site.

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