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USA Weekend Interview with Doc and Jackson

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Only one thing may be more entertaining than watching Adult Swim’s long-running The Venture Bros. animated series, and that’s listening to the banter between creator Jackson Publick and his co-writer Doc Hammer. An interview about the four seasons of the cult action-comedy show can quickly devolve to the subject of “bedroom gymnastics,” and since the two voice most of the series’ characters, you get little bits and pieces of the members of the Venture-verse in conversation. “Not so much with Jackson, because he’s actually good at voices, but with me, because I suck at it, you can actually hear,” says Hammer, whose regular tone sounds more than a little like his man-child genius, Master Billy Quizboy.

The Venture Bros. was recently green lit for two more seasons of wacky storylines and superhero mocking on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim lineup, and the creators are currently “spit-balling and big-boarding” on Season 5, according to Publick. Brian Truitt had the pleasure of getting the duo together to talk about voicing characters, picking on pop culture and bleeping swear words vs. not bleeping.

— Brian Truitt

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