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Shirt Club Returns for Sixth Season of Venture Brothers

Venture Bros. Shirt Club Returns

AstroBase Go launches a new Amazing Shirt of the Week Club subscription, just one week before the Season 6 premiere of the Venture Bros. on Adult Swim.

New Shirt Club subscription are available now through February 7 with individual shirt orders beginning January 31 at midnight.


Here’s your chance to be part of the grand tradition of the deep insider. Venture Bros. creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer created SHIRT CLUB to bring you insanely limited edition (one week run, made to oder) T-shirts that they themselves designed. Each shirt ties smartly with each week’s episode. There’s no middleman second guessing everyone’s wants, just the creators going “Look, you need this! It’s cottony love emblazoned with inky truth!”

Subscribe! Be one of the anointed elite, and shame all the Venture-Come-Lately poseurs into admitting that you rule. Subscribers to past SHIRT CLUBS have, on the average, shown improvement at the work place, leveled-up in rank, displayed telekinetic abilities, and have noticed a general improvement in the standing long jump.

How does it all work exactly? Shirt Club will release a new t-shirt design every week. When the week is over, so is the shirt. At the end of each shirt’s run, they will no longer be offered, guaranteeing you super-cool elite status, and the owner of a collector’s item.

Follow the link below and be whisked away to a cooler new you!

» Order Full Subscription to Venture Bros. Shirt Club

Venture Bros. Shirt Club

via Jackson Publick

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