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Jackson Publick’s Venture Bros. Dunny

venture bros dunny jackson publick 02

Back in 2006, Jackson Publick hand painted a vinyl Dunny figure for Kid Robot’s charity auction. The art features Dr. Venture at the controls of a Venture Industries Dunny, similar to that seen in Ghosts of the Sargasso. This figure was auctioned off online and is an ultra rare piece of Venture memorabilia.

I contributed a fully painted “Dunny” figure to Kid Robot’s “Paint Ball” charity auction to benefit the Save the Children Federation. Basically, they send out a bunch of blank, white figures to some “celebrities” and graffitti artists, who then tart them up with spray paint and paint markers and what have you. Then they auction these off. For whatever reason (I have no one to blame but myself), I was under the mistaken belief these things were only like two or three inches tall and thought “no problem.” When mine arrived, it was nearly two feet in height. So if you want the only hand-painted piece of Venture Bros. “merchandise” (actually, the only piece of Venture Bros. merchandise, period.) and you’d like to help out a good cause, go bid on it on eBay. Or tell a rich friend who loves charity to do so and then have him/her give it to you because you just gave them a tax write-off.

— Jackson Publick

venture bros dunny jackson publick

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