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Venture Bros. Couples Cosplay

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The Venture Brothers can be a shared experience and most often it is. Friends and family unite around the misadventures and pop culture references of on the show. This includes couples. Some couples find that the series is more than something that makes them laugh or have something to look forward to on television. For them the show becomes something to imitate.

For Kate and John, who we’ll refer to as KAHN!!! in Bennifer and Brangelina fashion, the Venture Bros. was a seed that was planted at the budding of their relationship. As Kahn grew together so to did their shared interest in the show. Being fans of most things in the nerd-verse, costuming was also something they held in common. It’s that combined love of both the Venture Bros and costuming that led to the creation of some of the icons from the show. When asked, “What made you decide on which characters to be?” Kate replied, “It’s more fun going to a convention and being able to pose with your boyfriend or girlfriend. That way nobody feels left out. If you portray characters who aren’t in the same universe then a lot of times one or the other person is stopped and asked for a photo. That’s a lot less fun. So that means you look at characters that go together.” If you cosplay (or if you prefer to be known as a costume-maker) and attend conventions then you know you’ll be stopped for photos. Now as a couple if you’re both in costume you can take for granted you’ll be posing together. John explains “It is more about pairings than true couples. You have Pete White and Billy Quizboy, 21 and 24, Hank and Dean, Brock and Doc, Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, and Sgt. Hatred and Princess Tiny Feet. We dug deep for Plugface and Mommy Longlegs, and since Jackson and Doc tend to write their characters in pairs so that they can play off each other, it means couples costuming from the Venture Bros is a natural fit.”

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Kahn agrees that aside from the Monarchs, the show isn’t the best example for happy, successful relationships. It’s another fine example of art imitating life just like most Disney princesses who come up in dysfunctional families, so too The Venture Bros have their own dysfunction. The only difference is they keep the “fun” in dysfunction. John explains, “The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch are such fun to do. He’s this lanky, impulsive idiot and she’s calculating, sexy and supportive. She always looks hot and his costume is just ridiculous but that’s the absurdity that makes the show fun.” So just like their on-screen pairing the real life couple shares many of the same interests and motivations.

After you’ve chosen whom to be you’re ready to go about making costumes. With a chuckle they take turns speaking, “First we try to get the best reference photos we can find. A lot of times we make our own screen captures. Then we look to see what other people have made as far as costumes. This helps tell you what you might be able to simply buy off the shelf or on sites such as Amazon or ebay. Then we break it down into component parts such as: boots, unitard, gloves, crown and tackle how to make or get each element. Amazon and Ebay are great resources, but if something is hard to find then you need to keep changing your search criteria. Be specific or more general or find the exact terminology for whatever the item is; like stretch micro-fiber high heel boots instead of just high heel boots. We prefer to modify things rather than make them from scratch. It means less work and possibly a more professional and finished look. There have been times when two sewing machines are going or one person is sewing and the other is painting or gluing. It all becomes a team effort, and when it is time to suit up you may even need to help each other get dressed. The whole experience from beginning to end is a chance to share moments and bond.”

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Written by Johnny Havoc

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