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The Venture Bros. ‘Maybe No Go’ Episode Recap

The Venture Bros. Season Six - Doctor Venture with Hank and Dean

In the second episode of season six, we have a lot of things happening at once. The show managed to juggle about four different storylines in “Maybe No Go.” It starts out with Pete and Billy still living in their Conjectural Technologies trailer. As Pete tries to mix mouthwash with chocolate chip cookie dough, they are attacked by St. Cloud. What follows is a wacky, retro montage of Billy Quizboy’s and the Pink Pilgrim’s adventures. They can’t stop St. Cloud from stealing the red ball of power, but they also agree to reschedule their next fight due to a dental appointment.

Next, we have the Ventures enjoying breakfast. It becomes painful clear that Rusty’s management of Jonas’ company is just as bad as it looked last week. It’s even on the front page of the paper. But instead of just making excuses and ignoring it as he would in the past, Rusty actually wants to do something about it, and Brock sets off to find the Pirate Captain. The Captain is currently at the zoo stealing tranquilizer darts from a polar bear.

At the Monarch’s place, he’s still pissed that Wide Wale now has arching rights to the Ventures. Unfortunately, the Monarch’s “arching level” has dropped down to a three or four. There’s plenty of villains in front of him for Venture arching rights. He distracts Dr. Mrs. the Monarch. (also oversharing way too information about their sex life to 21 in the process) This gives 21 about five minutes to break into her files so the Monarch can get this hands on the list of villains.


Pete and Billy make their way to the outside of St. Cloud’s gated estate. When Billy’s new grappling hand fails to help them, Pete asks if St. Cloud could just capture them already. St. Cloud is in the shower while Billy tries to negotiate the release of the red ball. Pete isn’t much help as he just plays with hair mousse and tries out different music themed styles. St. Cloud then manages to get Billy even angrier when he uses the Henrietta puppet from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood as a washcloth.

The Monarch and 21 track down the first villain on the list, Redusa. They try to trick their way into the rundown house by promises of a Monarch pen if she signs some paperwork. While at first it seems like this is just an old woman, she really is a villain with the power to reduce things. 21 quickly bounces the reduction ray back at her and she shrinks her own head.

Back at the Ventech Tower, the family sets up a rehab room for the Pirate. Of course, it’s filled with crazy things to help like a kitten in a bucket and a DVD of “She’s All That.” Once alone, he detoxes “Trainspotting” style, complete with Jonas Jr. as the ceiling baby. Rusty and the boys wake him up to stage an intervention. They also wonder what his real name is and Hank decides to call him “Sir Reginald Von Pirateguy.”


Meanwhile, we see Wide Wale at a restaurant. It’s revealed that the Crusaders Action League is really a front for getting money from the people they supposedly protect. Wide Wale is angry when the money is short, thanks to Rusty not buying last week’s sales pitch. Wale decides to pay the Ventures a visit instead.

Brock receives a video call from Shore Leave who warns him that Wide Wale is coming to attack. We learn that he is the brother of the ill-fated Dr. Dugong from season three’s “Tears of a Sea Cow.” Perhaps the main reason Wale picked Venture as an arch was to get back at the Monarch. Brock then reaches out to Hatred who is the building’s tour guide. Since Hatred has worked for both the Guild and the OSI, his knowledge of supervillains is pretty impressive. They quickly put together a plan to stop Wale.

At St. Cloud’s house, Pete and billy are tied up. The simple red ball is actually a prop from a Duran Duran music video. St. Cloud thinks the ball is magical and extremely important to music history. Billy manages to slap the ball with his still dragging grappling hand, it bounces off of Pete’s head and right back to St. Cloud. He does have a deal for the two, though. He will gives them the ball back if they sell him their company for one penny. They take the deal and Billy gives a weirdly eloquent speech about the ball’s influence on music.


The Pirate Captain sits down with Rusty and the boys to talk about fixing the company. Rusty wants to focus on super science, but the Captain tells him it’s not feasible. Jonas Jr. made his money by creating apps and Rusty doesn’t want to deal with that “Angry Birds” nonsense. While Dean helps create a compromise that will let Rusty do science and keep the business afloat, Hank’s input revolves around a “moon circus.”

Wide Wale infiltrates the building, but he doesn’t get very far. Brock and Hatred’s plan works and Wale says he only stole an Aztec relic. When he gets back to his place, it’s filled with balloons and the bear from the zoo.

Even though this episode is filled with a lot of reveals and development, perhaps the best one is what the Monarch finds when he gets home. During renovating the house, something that looks suspiciously like a Batcave is found. Since this is the house he grew-up in, it seems like his parents were also in the costumed villainy racket. Maybe this is a set up for the mysterious villain in the season trailer.

The after the credits scene is somewhat predictable, but not in a bad way. St. Cloud tells Pete and Billy he sold their company. It’s no surprise that he sold it to Venture. Pete and Billy are now free to go to NYC. I’m sure they will help Rusty with his “super science” part of the business.


Some little things:

  • Hank is wearing a Shallow Gravy shirt in the beginning of the episode.
  • H.E.L.P.eR feigning ignorance, when asked about Jbot’s whereabouts was great.
  • It’s nice to see a budding friendship between Brock and Hatred.
  • Shore Leave answering the video call as “Mr. Chin” was priceless.

  • What did you think of about the new episode? Sound off in comment section below!

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