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Venture Bros. Christmas Sing-Along Contest

venture holiday karaoke contest

The countdown to Christmas is on but don’t be bummed by the added traffic, gift wrapping or indigestible fruitcake. Here’s a way to vent those holiday frustrations and share the joy of The Venture Brothers all with the potential to win free stuff! Make your own music video using one of the many holiday songs provided by Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer. Download your favorite song in mp3 format then use it in your own home made video.

Do any of the following or any combination for your music video:
• Setup your webcam and lip sync your way through all the characters and the entire song.
• Use your Venture Bros. costumes and stage a skit set to the song.
• Convince your family or friends to dance to your choreography set to a Venture Bros. Christmas song.
• Take your favorite scenes from the show and edit them into your own custom music video.
• Use your Venture Brothers action figures as the players in your video (extra points might be awarded for stop-motion animation).
• Create an animated slide show set to music of your favorite cosplay or cartoon moments.

There are very few rules to this contest, do any of the above mentioned methods but you must do the following to enter the contest:

• Your video must be uploaded, playable and accessible on youtube by no later than January 2, 2012.
• You must use one of past Venture Brothers Christmas Songs in your video.
• You must share the link to your video the Venture Bros. Blog or Venture Bros. Cosplay or Venture Home News fan page on Facebook.

Winner will be determined by January 8, 2012.

I know what you’re saying “There’s not enough time!!!” If we’ve learned anything from Hollywood concerning Christmas that is you should always believe in Christmas miracles. Or think of it the super villain way, if the time constraints discourage people from entering then that only INCREASES your chances of winning.

Below is a sample video for inspiration but note this would be 1 approach, use your talents and creativity to your best advantage. GOOD LUCK and Happy Holidays!!!


PRIZES: Plastic his and hers Monarch Henchmen masks, a complete set of Venture Brothers vehicle ornaments provided by Cinemastery Studios.

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