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Venture Bros. Schedule Change – February 15th

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The Venture Bros. moves to 9pm beginning Sunday, February 15th. Adult Swim will be replaying the series in chronological order starting with Season One, Episode One – Dia de los Dangerous!

UPDATE: The Venture Bros. reruns will not be airing starting Sunday, February 5th to make way for new episodes of China, IL and Mary Shelly’s Frankenhole. For more info, visit Adult Swim’s On Air Schedule.

» Visit Our On-Air Schedule Page for Upcoming Episodes

February 5, 2012 Operation P.R.O.M. 12:30am
February 12, 2012 Dia de los Dangerous! 9:00pm
February 19, 2012 Careers in Science 9:00pm
February 26, 2012 Mid-life Chrysalis 9:00pm

*Schedule is subject to change. Check local listings in your area.

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