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Too Art for TV 6 – October 2012

too art for tv 6

Animation is collaborative by necessity — an animated production needs many skilled hands to come to life, and in the process, the countless creative contributions that are made by individuals become immersed in the whole. Teams of people who specialize in style adaptation, drawing, painting, movement, timing, and visual storytelling work together to bring about one coherent television episode or feature film. The process is time consuming, and due to production budget shrinkages and workload increases, artists in animation find themselves devoting every scrap of their creative energy to their jobs. As an annual event, Too Art for TV serves as a reminder that there is a space for the idiosyncratic musings of the animation industry artist.

Animation as an art form continues to evolve and capture the imagination. The artists who are drawn to this field love pop culture, comic books, cinema and technology. They are illustrators, cinematographers, directors, and painters. When these skills and influences are funneled through a more experimental and expressive fine art body, the resulting visuals are at once whimsical and elaborate, as well as peculiar, juvenile, sweet and seductive.

BunnyCutlet is proud to host the sixth annual showing of Too Art for TV, an exhibition featuring exceptional new works from 42 animation industry artists. The exhibit is designed to promote and encourage the fine arts in the animation industry. After it’s first opening in 2006, Too Art for TV has become an important and reliable outlet for New York animation artists.

TBA – October 2012

TBA – October through November 2012


Peter Ahern
Edward Artinian
Liz Artinian
Chris Beaumont
Robbie Busch
Devin Clark
Jared Deal
Kelly Denato
John Dilworth
Maya Edelman
Alan Foreman
Chris George
Frank Gresham
Niko Guardia
Anna Hakopian
Jen Hill
Meghan Jean
Heather Faye Kahn
Christy Karacas
Efraim Acevedo Klein
Andres Kwon
Adam Levine
Todd Lown
Robert Lyons
KJ Martinet
Richard Mather
Jessica Millazzo
Dagan Moriarty
Mike Mucci
Stephen Neary
Justin Offner
Douglas Einar Olsen
Joohee Park
Dan Pinto
Gabriel Pinto
Isam Prado
Lyla Ribot
Mike Ricca
Derek Rippe
Vincent Scala
Justin Simonich
Irra Verbitsky

Curator: Liz Artinian
Operations Manager: Nisa Contreras
Promotion: Eric Schutzbank
Liz Artinian
Chris Beaumont
Devin Clark
Kelly Denato
Chris George
Jen Hill
Christy Karacas

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