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SPHINX Cosplay Tutorial

sphinx cosplay

Looking for a group costume that allows you to be individuals within a group and requires ZERO amount of sewing? (I am all about the NO sewing)


They were the super secret counter villain organization which unlike the O.S.I. was actually getting the job done. Filled with former members of the O.S.I. they included Colonel Gathers, Brock Samson, Shore leave and Mile high as the heavy hitters but there is also the chance to be a faceless support character. Just like in the fashion world “black” is always king but periodically new colors become the new black. Monarch Henchmen remained the “black” for a long time and in season 4 of The Venture Bros. S.P.H.I.N.X became the new henchmen. Are you ready to take up the fight?

sphinx emblem click 02

  • Brown BDU or cargo pants
  • Brown Shirt
  • Gloves (Black, yellow or brown)
  • Combat boots
  • Holsters, Y straps and harnesses
  • Dummy grenades, 40mm rounds or other accessory arms pieces (a tall thin tin can like those used for vegetable juice is perfect for smoke grenades)
  • Elbow and knee pads (preferably rigid and paintable, knee pads can be positioned on shoulders too)
  • Goggles, face mask, ninja hood or paintball mask
  • A children’s Darth Vader helmet (used to find them at Walmart for $12) or a Cobra helmet (Perfect but it is much easier finding the Vader helmet believe me)
  • Yellow and Black spray paint
  • Replica or toy weapons like the M-4, M-16 or G-36C for modern day Sphinx or MP-40 for the older evil Sphinx
  • SPHINX graphic which you can find online (get the biggest, cleanest one you can find)
  • Dark T-shirt transfer (iron-ons) for the shirt
  • Self adhesive label paper for the helmet logo (The dark t-shirt transfer can be used on the helmet too but you’d have to apply an adhesive to get it to stick to your helmet)


Because this costume is based on a cartoony version of paramilitary forces very little needs to be said on how to make things. Photos and screen captures will be your biggest help. Always get 2 frames of reference so you don’t forget where an iron-on goes. Take your time and follow directions when ironing on the emblems to your shirt. Too much heat will burn the shirt or emblem so be mindful. Prep all items which you want painted yellow at the same time. Then when it comes time to paint hit all those items in the same session. This means they’ll dry at the same time and you’ll waste less paint. You have flexibility in how your agent looks but keep to the color scheme. Trial fit all your gear several times so that nothing sags or is loose. You may need wire ties or “cinch bands” to secure some of your kit. This is where trial fits yield useful information. This costume is great for carrying a camera, tickets and food so you should be comfortable all day unlike say Plugface or Henchmen.

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