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Red Mocho Kooler Cocktail Recipe

red mocho kooler

Red Mocho Kooler‘ is drink referenced by Dr. Venture in The Venture Bros. episode ORB. To our surprise we could not find anything on this odd drink concoction on the internet. We actually had to review the episode commentary for the ingredients listed below.

Doc Hammer: This is how it’s done. You get Kahlúa and you put in Hershey’s syrup and it’s thick, almost undrinkable. And then you just sprinkle a dash of red Kool-Aid on the top. Don’t stir it, so it just remains thick and undrinkable. So that there is a little bit of Kool-Aid just as a covering… a little crispy skin. That is a Red Mocho Kooler, it’s supposed to be disgusting and undrinkable.
Jackson Publick: That’s a joke that’s been waiting to be told for a couple of seasons too.
Doc Hammer: We always fantasize that Doc makes up his own drinks and their horrible!
Jackson Publick: It started out as a Chocotini.
Doc Hammer: A Chocotini and also one with Gatorade.


Hershey’s Syrup
Dash of red Kool-Aid

Mix Kahlúa and Hershey’s Syrup together till thick.
Sprinkle with a dash of red Kool-Aid.
Garnish with fruit and a cocktail umbrella.
Serve chilled.

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