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Venture Mug Shots by Doc Shaner

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doc shaner mug 2px borderEvan “Doc” Shaner is a 24 year old freelance cartoonist and dinosaur enthusiast who lives in Aurora, Colorado. I stumbled upon his Deviant Art profile and was immediately impressed by his large body of work. His diverse portfolio include everything from Batman & Robin to Mile Davis and Clifford Brown. At the request of his fans, Doc Shaner has illustrated these three wonderful sets of Venture character mugs.

How long have you been a fan of The Venture Bros.?
Probably since about halfway through the first season. I don’t make a habit of watching a lot of TV, but I just happened to catch the episode where we first meet the Impossibles and I was hooked from then on.

Team Venture Mugshots by Doc Shaner

What can you tell me about these pieces?
I was in a frenzy of working of this small mugshot sets sometime in the last year and at some point someone suggested doing something with the Venture Brothers. I liked doing these because they take very little time and it let me try out some characters I wouldn’t normally get around to drawing, like Brock or 24. I loved drawing Jefferson.

Team Monarch Mugshots by Doc Shaner

For these Venture Bros. mugshots, what medium did you use? Watercolor and ink?
It’s just pen and ink wash. Then I scan it and lay some color over the washes in Photoshop.

Are the logos computer generated?
More like computer manipulated. It’s partially because I don’t have the time to work on the logos but there’s also an authenticity that comes with the actual logo that I probably couldn’t replicate on my own. That and I’m lazy.

Team Triad Mugshots by Doc Shaner

What did you think of The Venture Bros. Season 4.1?
I’ve really enjoyed the first eight episodes. I like that they took a risk by keeping Brock out of the picture for a large part of it. All the big risks they’ve taken with some of the long established characters have been great. I think it’s a testament to the strength of the show’s writing. I especially liked the episodes with the other former boy detectives and the one featuring the Order of the Triad.

Any plan to produce more Venture Bros. illustrations?
I can’t imagine I wouldn’t. I love the show and even though I haven’t done much about it lately I like these characters. Given the time I’m sure I’ll try to do something with them.

A special thanks to Evan ‘Doc’ Shaner for letting us use his illustrations! We look forward to seeing more Venture Bros. related art!

To learn more about Evan ‘Doc’ Shaner and his art, visit his blog at and his Deviant Art profile at

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