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REVIEW: The New Season of The Venture Bros.

Picture 25

Released the other day on, the official trailer of the new season of the Venture Bros. The trailer originally premiered at Comic-Con and opens with the question what should the new episodes be called? Fans may recall that season 4 was split into two halves, the first half aired from October to December of last year. There was some confusion among fans stemming from an Adult Swim bump, labeling the upcoming episodes as Season Five. Ultimatly, the DVD sets of the Venture Bros. will be known as Season 4, Volume One and Two. The new season of the Venture Bros. premieres Sunday, September 12th at 11:30p ET/PT.

Trailer Screen Caps – Thoughts & Theories

Picture 29

Dr. Venture awakes bound to a chair and blindfolded with clamps on his nipples…

Picture 31

Camera pans revealing that it’s Dean, Sgt. Hatred and Hank holding Dr. Venture captive. Is this another one of Sgt. Hatred’s panic room tests?

Picture 13

Here’s a new character that one fan suggested might be based on Bacteriophage.

Picture 15

Phantom Limb flashback? Phantom Limb avoids fire from the Guild while riding a Diamond Dog. We believe this is a flashback scene after the events of Showdown at Cremation Creek. With treacherous Phantom Limb on the run, David Bowie sends the Diamond Dogs after him.

Picture 21

It would appear that Monarch has commandeered Dr. Venture’s body using some kind of X-Men style Cerebro! But at what cost?

Picture 22

New Conjectural Technologies! It’s the old scooter & sidecar but upgraded! The Pink Phantom & Master Quizboy have finally arrived! Supposedly, ‘Girly Mags’ guy from the ‘Tag Sale–You’re It’ episode will be Billy’s arch nemesis.

Picture 27

Henchmen 21 takes command of the Cocoon! “Not on my watch” Henchmen 21 declares. If Henchmen 21 is third in command, what happened to the Monarch & Dr. Mrs. The Monarch?

Picture 24

Here’s a new character that resembles Spider-Man. He swings onto a moving taxi cab and shoots web out of his backside. Is this Scarmantula or akin to Scaramantula? By the way, did Scaramantula have any powers? Fans may note that the vehicle next to the taxi in this scene is Myra Brandish’s car, complete with PussyKat license plate. We have doubts that Myra has a role in this particular story. Astrobase Go from time to time, reuses animation, including cars.

Picture 32

I’m not sure if there will be a full musical episode, but I hear there will be music numbers in the upcoming season. As seen here with Sgt. Hatred and Pete White in the panic room.

Picture 28

In the last clip of the trailer, we see zombie clones of the Venture boys attack the Monarch at his control panel. I believe this scene takes place in Dr. Venture’s psyche and could be the reason why the Monarch is no longer in command.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting new episodes of the Venture Bros. since the last episode aired in December. At Comic-Con, Doc Hammer mentioned that Bill Hader will be joining the cast. It is rumored he will be replacing Stephen Colbert as Professor Impossible. Jackson Publick stated on his Publick Nuisance blog, that the season finale will be an Hour Long Extranvaganza with new and recurring characters. The new season of the Venture Bros. airs Sunday, September 12th at 11:30p ET/PT.

Review by Marc Ilagan, Executive Site Editor

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